Leading Ad-Tech Platform, AdLoop, Launches AdLink to Enhance Geo-Targeting in Advertising Industry

Tracking platform offers smarter, more efficient tool for advertisers in ad-tech and cannabis ecosystems to commit to brand safety

AdLoop, an advertising technology platform servicing both enterprise companies and consumer brands, today announced the launch of AdLink, a new tool that allows advertisers the ability to effectively target consumers for digital consumption. Coming off the heels of cannabis legalization in Canada, as well as in various parts of the United States, AdLink enables brands in both countries to safely and effectively target specific demographics that are appropriate for cannabis content consumption.

With the advertising industry’s need for brand safety and proper targeting tools at an all-time high, AdLoop believes that AdLink will help advertisers protect both the consumers who ingest digital content across the internet, as well as keep brands safe from improper targeting. In doing so, AdLink will offer the advertising industry and cannabis brand advertisers not only a platform, but the tools necessary to accurately and efficiently target a select demographic or a consumer who has visited a dispensary in a location where cannabis is legal.

“In today’s ever-evolving advertising climate, brand safety is paramount, and one misstep can cost a company everything,” said Josh Segal, Co-Founder, and CEO of AdLoop. “AdLink is a unique tool that will aid advertisers and the brands on our platform to safely and efficiently conduct digital ad-campaigns, while ensuring that their advertisements never wind up in the wrong hands.”

Built for the entire advertising industry, AdLink will be a vital cog for cannabis advertisers, burdened with the task of proper targeting in a burgeoning industry with severe regulations and potential penalties. For cannabis brands who use the AdLink tool, consumers will only be targeted once they enter a dispensary, therefore protecting both the brand and the advertiser, as well helping dispensaries in the vetting process.

“Cannabis is a multi-billion dollar industry and we believe that the brands who operate in the space deserve proper and safe marketing for their products. AdLink provides these advertisers with this exact tool to be both effective and compliant,” said Segal.

A soft launch of AdLink earlier this year has already been met with tremendous success as one of Canada’s leading coffee shops was able to convert a 22% increase for in-store visits during peak hours. In doing so, AdLink helped drive cost of acquisition drastically down and provided the brand with intimate knowledge of their clientele.

For more information about AdLoop, please visit www.adloop.ca

About AdLoop

AdLoop provides a smarter way to target customers using Location Behavior. Using first-party, location-based behavior signals, advanced data analytics, and proprietary software, AdLoop creates and targets customized, performance-boosting audience segments. Proprietary algorithms and data, combined with Artificial Intelligence, generate attribution models that connect consumer behavior in the physical world to behavior in the digital world, helping solve complex challenges for brands and agencies.



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