5 Alternatives to Old School Text Content


By, Elizabeth Price

Unconventional types of content serve content marketers as an excellent launch pad for boosting SEO profiles of their businesses. Besides promoting custom design elements on multiple social media platforms, one should realize, that high-quality visuals always contribute to user engagement level and increase average on-page time.

What do you think is the biggest difficulty for content creators? Finding good data worth sharing? Or, perhaps, the mechanical skills required to produce custom visuals? Surprisingly, producing engaging visuals is what most content creators struggle with. In fact, 35% of marketers struggle to produce engaging visuals consistently. That is why content managers might find it useful to diversify their typical text content by adding some of the visuals discussed below.

Infographics and Charts for Data Visualization

Informational charts and graphics are priceless design elements for any online business. Not only do they improve your profile for search engines (meaning your website is likely to appear in the dreamt top-10 results), they are also great means of getting quality backlinks to your website. An up-to-date infographic is likely to be shared on niche-relevant sources. As a result, it is more likely to reach your target audience.

Last but not the least infographics increase average on-page time and increase your brand awareness. Unlike commercial ads, infographics do not convey a sales intent. This is why they are more appealing to most of the users.

The ratio between the amount of effort required to produce visual charts and graphics and the effectiveness of such visuals is simply breathtaking. It will take you less than a week to master the art of infographic creation using the following tools:

The most commonly used types of infographics used by marketers include mixed charts, timelines, how to guides, comparisons, hierarchies, anatomical graphs and maps.

Stock Photographs & Custom Design Patterns

First of all, custom images are signalizing Google that you invest time and money in your brand. They are also a good way to direct the attention of your visitors onto something you want them to see. It may be a discount, an engaging quote or something user-friendly like guidelines or instructions. You can see an example of complex college application essay outline explained below through effective collaboration of content and design team.

High-resolution photographs and images can also help to comfort the reader. They serve similarly to LSI keywords you use for content optimization, – one can feel the right atmosphere, the background behind the text. It is a common practice to use stock photos with bullet points to make the text more readable. This technique is most often used in the “How to” articles.

Polls & Surveys

People love to give their opinions on pretty much everything. Why not give them the opportunity to do so? Not to mention that filling out forms and answering questions takes some time. It is a very engaging method of getting people to stay on your page. Most importantly, you can gather the information on the topic about your target audience in order to create more relevant content in the future.

Videos and Presentations

Most of the time, it is much easier to watch a video than to read a text. Statistics have proved, that landing pages with videos have 800% better conversion rates. It is, therefore, a good reason to use videos to present your products or services. Video creation is more time-consuming than making static design items, however, the effectiveness of video content cannot be neglected.

A presentation is more engaging than a bunch of text. Watching a video and looking through a presentation takes time. Attention-grabbing video or presentation will positively contribute to the time a visitor spends on your page.

Often, videos are placed on large platforms like YouTube, which is a great way to attract new visitors to your website, and yet another way to develop your brand name.

Gifs and Memes

If an image can capture attention faster than a blink of an eye, imagine what an animated image can achieve. The secret behind Gifs and memes is that the vast majority of your target audience should be able to relate to them. It is either Doctor House or Neo from the Matrix – your goal is to catch the user’s attention. However, remember about your overall layout and what is proper for your niche. Gifs and memes are great tools to keep people on your web-page, however, it is best not to overuse them if you want your content to be taken seriously.

Plan your content ahead and think of media saturation. Not a single blog post or landing page will do without media elements. Remember, 91% of B2B buyers prefer to consume interactive and visual content, so give it to them and your page will go a long way. Use diverse tools to create various types of content and never neglect the visuals. No matter how well-researched or perfectly written your text is, if there is nothing to grab their attention. Make sure your landing pages have enough to offer to engage and interact your visitors.

About the Author 

Elizabeth Price is a creative freelance writer interested in education, marketing, and business-related topics. A former Psychology student, she is currently expanding her horizon by undertaking a journalism course in New York, meanwhile working for EssayPro as a blog writer and assistant editor.


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