10 Ways to Boost Your Content Shares


There is no doubt that you have left no stone unturned in working on high-quality content. You have spent hours with your team to design your blog and make it user-friendly. Everything is set for converting those visitors into potential customers.

There is only one thing missing! It’s the visitor itself.

Where are the visitors? Why is your content not spreading like fire on social media? Why no one seems to be interested in reading your high-quality and super lengthy informational article?

We have all been there at some point in our experience in the content marketing industry.

Let’s admit it – getting social shares on our content is getting harder day by day. The more shares your content gets, the more will be the engagement, be it likes or comments, clicks, downloads, installs, subscriptions, etc. To score your part of the media share, you need to get exposure for your content, and this is exactly what this post will help you learn.

Here are 10 easy ways to get more shares on your content.

1. Use image content to increase user engagement

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Did you know that tweets with images receive 150% more shares than the ones without? This fact is plain and simple – using images in your content like an infographic will make your viewers feel the need to re-tweet or repost your amazing content. Make sure the thumbnail of the content is of good quality and attractive. It will help in getting more shares on your content. A user will consume an informative article, but if it has a poor thumbnail, he or she may not share it.

2. Add social meta tags to your blog

Viewers are more willing to share a post if it appears neat and tidy. They want their friends to see a post with a fine looking thumbnail, attractive title, and informative description. Use a plugin like Yoast SEO to customize the above-mentioned social meta tags, so you don’t have to create them separately for every social platform. More people will share a post that provides a rich media experience on both mobile and desktop devices.

3. Ask people to share your content

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If we do not ask, the answer will always be no. Ask your audience to share the content. As long as the content is providing value and helping someone, there is no reason for hesitating in asking for shares. Ask the audience to feel free, feel happy and repost your article. Request a share in the bottom of every blog post and mail, in the title and featured a thumbnail of the content. Avoid over-doing it though.

4. Re-Share the content to reach everyone

One of the common mistakes bloggers make is that they forget to re-share the content once it is published. A lot of people will simply miss your content as they were not available at the time of the original share. Use an app like Hootsuite, Buffer or Sprout Social to schedule the post at different hours and multiple days in a week.

5. Add social sharing buttons

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You want users to share your content, so why not provide them with the tools that make it easier? Add social sharing buttons on your blog, there are hundreds of them available today. Floating buttons are the best choice as the floating toolbar containing Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and Pinterest buttons is available right away. Make the sharing process easy and fast for the users and optimize the buttons for all devices.

6. Get help from social media influencers or micro-celebs

Here’s a simple content marketing strategy – Find an expert with a large audience or following in your niche. Ask him questions and record the answers in a blog post. Watch the share count jump as the influencer shares your post containing his name (ex: Here’s what David Leslei advised on creating quality content).

The point here is that the help from experts builds trust and saves you time. Many student bloggers google “write my college essay for me” to save time with academics so that they can focus on successful blogging. Social media influencers already have a target audience, and your job is to leverage its power.

7. Use content locker to give a freebie

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“I can’t give away freebies; I’m a small blog owner.” Indeed you are. Consider this – every user who visits your article wants something, and a post can be prepared (PDF format) explaining to them how to achieve it. The file will be available for download, only if they share your article on Facebook. Use Content Locker Pro, a powerful WordPress plugin for increasing shares on the content.

8. Curate a persuasive title

Use compelling titles and headlines in the blog posts. This not only helps in decreasing the bounce rate but also in increasing the number of shares. People want to share posts with titles that are entertaining, informative or factual. Do not misuse the power of compelling title though. Facebook considers this as ‘link bait’ if something is promised in the title that the landing page doesn’t deliver.

9. Advertise on social platforms

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According to the statistics, 57% of social sharing activity in 2016 occurred on Facebook. Utilize the targeting ability of Facebook ads to promote the most interesting posts. The chances of getting the most numbers of shares to increase if your target audience is relevant. Consider the cost of advertising in your budget for marketing.

10. Increase your brand authority

People share what they believe in. If the users trust your brand, they will click on share every time they see a post from your blog. They will want to engage with the content, spend more time on the website and repost the knowledge that they found on Facebook or Twitter.

Final word

Follow these simple tips to increase shares on your content. The more it is shared, the more will be the chances of it getting shared by others, thus increasing the exposure with a snowball effect. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.


About the Author

Ryan Bronson is a professional writer and marketer. He creates content marketing strategies for companies. He knows how to help businesses with a successful promotion.


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