10 Tips to Help You Master Email Marketing for Christmas


By, Patricia Wilson

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Do you know why all business owners enjoy Christmas? People spend money throughout the holiday season. Whether they like or hate the holidays, one factor is a constant: they buy something for themselves and for the people they love.

In October 2018, Gallup launched an interesting report that predicts the average expenses of American citizens for Christmas this year. 33% of the respondents said they expected to spend at least $1000 on presents. Only 8% of the respondents said they didn’t plan on spending anything. On average, a U.S. adult is expected to spend $885 on presents this year.

Do your products or services fit into that budget?

You’ll have to convince your audience they do.

This brings us to another aspect: convincing. That’s what email marketing serves for.

What Makes Email an Effective Marketing Tool over the Holidays?

On an average day, people are not really into emails. They might open few promotional messages that really get their attention, and they will stop there.

When Christmas is close, however, they are after the best deals. Most of the messages in the Promotions folder are from newsletters they subscribed to. They did that because they were interested to get info about special deals. During Christmas, they want those promos more than ever.

So they will check the inbox for special deals, and you want your messages there. But you want them to be really effective.

10 Tips on How to Master Christmas Email Marketing

  1. Get Into the Festive Spirit

When surveyed for the 2018 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 32% of marketers said that visuals were the most important form of content for their business. In email marketing, the visuals help you convey the message. So don’t shy away from Christmas decorations. The visual appeal of your message should be festive.

The Joker Pub from Brighton mastered that aspect of their marketing campaign:

  1. Target The Subscribers Individually

You want to personalize the email marketing campaign. That means that you’re going to mention the potential customer by name. But you’ll do something more: you’ll use their purchase history to remind them of products they specifically liked. You can also feature products from their wish list. Christmas is the perfect occasion for them to move those items from the wish list into the cart.

  1. Offer Something Extra

Every single brand is offering products or services. The ones that offer more are the ones that get attention. How about a free holiday gift guide? Maybe an eBook about the history of Christmas and the most important things that made it special? You can also distribute an eBook about the different Christmas celebrations around the world.

Oh; you can’t write? You don’t have time? There’s an easy solution: a writing service. You can hire freelancers or essay writers to develop great content for your email marketing campaign. These are the best services to help with that like Assignment Masters, Superior Papers or  AssignmentGeek.

  1. Put a Time Limit

A ticking clock in the message will trigger people’s sense of urgency. They will see a great offer and they will want to benefit from it, so they will have to make the decision ASAP. That gives you a greater chance of selling more, since your target customers won’t have much time to wait for better deals from your competitors.

  1. Send a Christmas Card

Your email marketing campaign doesn’t have to be all about the sales. Just send a card to show you appreciate your clients.

  1. Offer Free Shipping

Big expenses are a major concern over the holiday season. Your customers are trying to save money in any possible way, so when they see a free shipping offer, they will definitely fall for it.

Here’s how William Roam, an online store for luxury soaps and shampoos did it:

  1. Make That Subject Line Perfect

Maybe your email is special, but how is the recipient supposed to know? They see it as yet another message in the bunch. Unless the subject line gets their attention, they won’t even open it.

The subject line should tease the recipient, offering something very special.

  • Up to 70% off Christmas specials
  • 50% Off All Items in Your Wish List
  • Maria, we have a special Christmas offer for you!

Those are only few examples of subject lines that could work.

  1. Include a Gif

We already talked about the importance of visuals. If you play around with that aspect, you’ll go beyond simple images. Gifs are cool because they make the message look alive. The recipient doesn’t have to click a play button to see it.

Here’s how EziBuy did it for their 2016 Christmas campaign:

  1. Optimize for Mobile

Remember: over 50% of the recipients see email messages on their mobile phones. Most email marketing tools, such as MailChimp, allow you to create messages that look really cool on all devices.

But you have to check, and that’s an easy thing to do. Send a test message to yourself and see how it looks on different devices.

  1. Target a Single Recipient

When you write the message, you don’t want to address your audience. You want to address that specific recipient. Imagine you’re having a relaxed conversation in a cozy coffee shop. That’s the tone you want to maintain.

Don’t be official. Get close and personal with your email subscribers!

Do You Have Your Email Marketing Concept for This Christmas?

You absolutely need it. People are ready to spend their money on products like the ones you sell. Are you going to attract them towards your website? Much of your success depends on the email marketing campaign.

About the Author

Patricia Wilson is an academic writer for EduGeeksClub and blogger for ScholarAdvisor.com. Her main goal is to learn everything there is to know about social media marketing. As we all know, such a goal means life-long learning. That’s exactly what Patricia is committed to: learning something new every day.