10 Ideas: How to Engage Your Audience through a Christmas Marketing Campaign


By Patricia Wilson, academic writer for EduGeeksClub and blogger for ScholarAdvisor.com.

Let’s be real: although your target audience is ready to spend money before Christmas, it doesn’t mean people will easily give you their money.

Oh, no!

This is the time of the year when they have tons of options. They will do their research and opt for the best offer. So you better give them the best offer and promote it really well!





We have some great ideas for you. They are all about making a strong connection with your audience through a warm, inspiring Christmas marketing campaign. But who are we kidding? Ultimately, it’s all about boosting the sales.

10 Christmas Marketing Ideas that Help You Sell More

  1. The Shipping Should Be Free

This is the time of the year when everyone wants to get as many things as possible for as little money as possible. So if you add an additional charge for shipping, people may abandon the cart.

Offer free shipping and feature that information at the homepage!

  1. Help Them Out with the Resolutions

You want people to want your products and services. You want your brand to become part of their yearly goals. You can do that in a very simple way: make a quiz!


  • The questions should be light and funny.
  • You want to involve your brand in this, one way or another. If you sell clothes, “upgrading my style” will be a major point.
  • After taking the quiz, you can guide people to products or services that help them achieve their resolutions.
  1. Create a Gift Guide

Here’s another idea for a quiz: What Gift Should I Get?

It will be a personality test. It will ask questions about the person this gift is for. What gets their attention? Books, philosophy, Christmas decorations, or movies? What type of personality is this? An introvert or an extrovert?

Find a way to fit some of your products in the recommendations. Of course; you’ll put direct links to them.

  1. Make Your Mobile App Perfect

Forrester’s 2018 Retail Best Practices: Mobile Web study predicted that smartphones will be used in over one-third of all retail sales in U.S. in 2018. So if you want to make this experience simple for your buyers, you should develop a mobile app and make it great.

To inspire your audience to download the app, you may offer special discounts for everyone who has it installed.

That’s a great hack to increase downloads and in-app sales in the fastest way possible.

  1. Send Everyone a Gift: a Christmas eBook

Books are great gifts. Your audience will appreciate getting a useful eBook for free. When this eBook includes some promotional material, you’ll boost the sales this way.

How can you make a book relevant? Easy:

  • If you’re selling food or kitchen appliances, create an eBook with Christmas recipes.
  • If you’re selling sportswear, you may create a story with a sporty Santa.
  • Whatever your product or service is, you may find a way to present it through a Christmas story or a DIY guide.

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  1. Donate for a Great Cause

For each item your buyers get, they will be donating money for a good cause. If, for example, they buy a clothing item at your website, you’ll donate to homeless people, so they can celebrate Christmas, too.

Or you may make it really simple: a specific percentage of all sales will go to charity.

You’ll promote this cause across social media, so people will connect with it. When you team up with a charity, you’ll get some promotion through its channels as well.

  1. Connect with an Influencer

Did you see Ellen’s List for November? She created it for Walmart. When people see Ellen’s face somewhere, they can’t help but see what she recommends. They expect funny, emotional, and useful. That’s good marketing, right there.


Maybe you can’t afford Ellen or any other influencer of that level. It’s okay. You can certainly connect with social media influencers. Find the ones with interests relevant to your industry. Feature them at your website. Make a deal for them to feature the marketing campaign through their social media profiles.

  1. Everyone Gets a Gift at the Checkout!

At the checkout, your buyers will see a slot machine. They click a button to activate it, and they end up getting a present. Everyone wins!

You don’t have to give huge presents, although it’s recommended to include a valuable one in the offer. That will get people more inspired to shop at your website. But even if the presents are small, they will still add to the package and your buyers will be happy.

  1. Offer Bundle Items

If someone buys shoes at your website, they will be on discount around Christmas. But if you offer them to throw in a bundle item with a really great offer, they will be tempted. These shoes go incredibly well with a coat you stock at your site? Offer the coat with an even better discount.

This is a great way to motivate your buyers to get more products for you.

  1. Get into the Christmas Spirit

You have to make your website a little more festive. It’s simple: you just add some red and green shades, and throw few Christmas decorations in a tasteful manner.

Check out how Macy’s is doing it:


Are you excited for Christmas? You better be! No matter how individuals feel about the holidays, most people get infected with the Christmas spirit sooner or later. You want your business to be ready for the fever.

About the Author

Patricia Wilson is an academic writer for EduGeeksClub and blogger for ScholarAdvisor.com. Her main goal is to learn everything there is to know about social media marketing. As we all know, such a goal means life-long learning. That’s exactly what Patricia is committed


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