How to Integrate Email Marketing with SEO


Email marketing still plays a vital role in business. Even though the advent of email dates back to the early 1970s, the direct nature of emails can make them stand out from other marketing efforts. In fact, in 2015, a study conducted by the UK’s Direct Marketing Association estimated a return on investment of 3800% from email campaigns. For every pound spent on email marketing, 38 were reaped in return.

Since email is such a powerful tool, it is important for search engine optimizers to be able to harness this power. This article will discuss how email marketing campaigns should be integrated with SEO efforts.


Drive Engagement

If you have a piece of information to share in an email newsletter, be sure to include a way to get readers involved. You might request that readers leave a comment at the bottom of your blog. You could point people towards your social media platforms, and encourage them to comment or follow you. You may have an upcoming event or a recent success, so you ask readers to post about it on their social media.

The good news is that customers reached via email are very likely to be highly engaged. One SEO marketer found that email visitors were almost four times as likely to share content, and wrote 41% of the comments on his blog, while only making up 13.91% of his overall traffic. Of course, not every email marketing system will be equally effective, but well-designed email outreach can benefit your search ranking. The bottom line is – the more your content is seen, the better your ranking will be.



It can be difficult to make an email that effectively targets recipients. A 2015 report on the share-worthiness (whether an email is relevant, memorable, and promotional) found something troubling. Less than 21% of consumers reported that they had received a shareworthy email from brands they had already subscribed to in the previous 2 months. To avoid being in that 79% of forgotten emails, work to personalize your campaign as much as possible.

Addressing an email to a specific name (“Hi Jan”) is a good start, but it may be even better to cater to other details about the customer. This is where knowing your customer base and segmenting them will be extremely useful and important. Segmentation refers to grouping customers into smaller pools, so you can effectively target their needs without hand-drafting a specific email to each recipient. Segmentation can also be automated, unlike a 100% person-specific emailing system. This automation can help you send timely, relevant messages that point recipients to your website and services. Since 74% of people get frustrated with content that doesn’t match their interests, it’s important to craft a campaign that is specific enough to succeed.


Go Mobile

The number of internet users on mobile devices has increased dramatically and is expected to continue to do so. Google’s “mobile first” indexing strategy means that internet marketers are more eager than ever to capture a share of mobile internet searches. There are lots of available mobile strategies, and effective mobile marketing campaigns will include an email component.

More and more CEOs are realizing the importance of optimizing email marketing for mobile consumption. An April 2018 study found that mobile optimization was the greatest shift in email marketing tactics (9% more firms reported focusing on mobile optimization, compared to a 1% increase in firms focusing on segmentation). To follow this trend, it helps to focus on mobile email UX. If your content loads slowly, or your page doesn’t scale to mobile screens, users may become frustrated, no matter how worthwhile your content is.

In addition, mobile interactivity can be a great help in boosting your search ranking. Research shows that interactive content generates conversions moderately or very well 70% of the time, while passive content is equally effective just 36% of the time. A conversion means that a consumer found what they were looking for, meaning that two goals are achieved. Remember that interactive content is useful for both mobile and desktop users, and so optimizing for both is ideal.

An effective email marketing strategy has the capability to boost your ranking quickly and effectively. Tapping into the high conversion rates, visibility, and search optimization potential of email is a smart move for any company looking to take their SEO to the next level.


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