5 Most Common Video Marketing Mistakes in Instagram


By Samantha R. Gilbert, blogger and journalist from New York

When you look at the statistics, using Instagram for proper marketing makes a lot of sense.

Instagram Stories, in particular, contributed to a significant increase of the time users spend on the platform. On average, users under the age of 25 spend over 32 minutes on the network per day. The stories are all about sharing moments of life, usually through video.

Video – that’s what gets and keeps people’s attention on Instagram. Not just in the stories, but in the feed as well. According to the predictions, mobile video will account for 78% of the total traffic on mobile devices. Instagram keeps pace with those trends. Are you? The better question is: are you doing it well?

If you’re making some of the common video marketing mistakes on Instagram, your campaign won’t yield the results you hoped for.

Now let’s list those common mistakes, shall we? When you know what they are, it will be easier for you to avoid them.

  1. Not Having a Plan

Many people and businesses start producing Instagram videos, stories, and IGTV sessions just because everyone else is doing it. As a result, you see something you’ve already seen. In the worst-case scenario, you see really boring stories that show a person’s daily life.

Who wants to see you cooking, feeding the cat, taking a walk, exercising, and getting ready for sleep every single day? Oh; and babies!

Rachel Brathen, the famous Yoga Girl, is mostly using the stories to document her baby’s life. Yes; that might be interesting for the hard-core fans. But Yoga Girl is a brand. It’s a business. Most people who are interested in the brand Yoga Girl are absolutely bored by these stories.

If you’re on Instagram for your personal pleasure, it’s okay to film whatever you want. Don’t expect people to be thrilled watching your daily moments though. But if you’re there to promote something or build a personal brand, you have to be smarter than that.

You need a plan. What exactly do you want to achieve with your Instagram video marketing? Each video you produce is part of that plan and has to take you one step closer towards that goal.

  1. Ignoring the Need for Recognizable Video Style

When you were developing a content marketing strategy for your brand, you were very focused on the matter of style, right? You needed to develop a specific vibe that would help your audience immediately recognize your brand.

It’s amazing to see how many marketers and business owners ignore that aspect of content marketing when they start producing Instagram videos. Instagram is a very flexible platform. People like to see anything and they will probably react to anything. But if you’re doing this for business, a single video that gets tons of attention won’t matter much. People will see it and then what? If this video gets your brand recognized, then it matters. If it’s part of a strategy that boosts brand awareness, then it matters.

Check Red Bull’s profile on Instagram. You’ll see many videos there and all of them are amazing. What makes this campaign work, however, is the uniform style of expression. That’s how it should be done!

  1. Copying Other Brands

So you see how Red Bull videos work and you start doing something too similar. Do you know what effect such an approach is going to have? Sure; your videos will get some views if they are good enough. But people will mistakenly assume it’s Red Bull that shared them. Your brand gets lost.

If they realize it’s another brand, they will come down to the only conclusion they could make: you’re imitating someone.

Should we even start telling you how wrong that is?

Before you even think about sharing videos on Instagram, you must think of a unique strategy. If you don’t want to hire an expert marketing team because you’re tight on budget, you can collaborate with cheap essay writing services. They will help you develop a marketing plan for a more affordable price, but it will still cover the element of uniqueness.

  1. Using the Same Video You Used for Facebook, Email, and YouTube

So you invested a lot of money into video production and you have this cool material that represents your brand. You decide to post it everywhere. First, you upload it on YouTube and you share it all over social media. You include it in email newsletters, too. Finally, you upload the same video on Instagram, too. In the feed and in the stories; of course.

This is a mistake.

You can make it with one video if it’s a commercial. But if you do it all the time, it’s a mistake.

First of all, Instagram crops videos in format – they are squares for the ads. If you want an attractive post, you’ll need to make it square, too. This is not the format that works on YouTube, so you’ll lose quality with the crop.

Second: this is simply not the style of Instagram users. They want short, fun videos that they haven’t seen anywhere else before. Keep that to mind!

  1. Ignoring Instagram TV

Just because it’s a relatively new feature and not everyone is doing it doesn’t mean that you should ignore IGTV.

IGTV is an app that’s accessible within Instagram. It’s for videos, but it’s different from the stories, mainly because it allows you to upload long-form videos. How is it different from YouTube? Well, the videos are vertical, so they are made for mobile devices.

Fitness influencers, for example, use IGTV to share live workout sessions with their followers. Any kind of brand can benefit from posting DIY tutorials, tips, or even documentaries.

Are You Using Instagram Videos Well?

One thing is certain: any brand can benefit from an Instagram video marketing strategy. You just need a good plan, and you have to avoid the common mistake. You already know how to do that, right?


About the Author

Samantha R. Gilbert is a journalist and a blogger from New York. She likes to watch people and their behaviors, believes it can tell much about a person. Samantha loves to talk about modern art, education, and adventures. Find her on Facebook and Twitter.


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