Infolinks Media Embraces Emerging Publishers


As of 2018, there are an estimated 1.8 Billion web sites on the internet with thousands starting everyday. Many of those web sites are emerging by creating exciting new content, have a growing audience, but struggle to find a solution to make money. Infolinks Media has taken up the mission to embrace the emerging publisher long forgotten by many other solutions who only focus on the top 5000 worldwide publishers. We interviewed Robert Regular, CEO of Infolinks Media to better understand the state of the publisher industry.

Robert Regular, CEO Infolinks Media, LLC

Infolinks Media was recently acquired and has focused its mission on emerging publishers, “We believe there is a massive opportunity to help emerging publishers succeed, those who have been forgotten by the top adtech companies,” said Robert Regular, CEO of Infolinks Media. As I interviewed many publishers, it is clear they have been complaining about service, complex adtech tools and volatile earnings for years. While large comscore publishers like the NY Times receive superior service and solutions, smaller publishers seem to struggle to get returned emails or calls. “Emerging publishers deserve better solutions and service. We provide actual email responses to questions, phone calls, great products, and better earnings. Providing a great solution to emerging publishers is our goal,” Robert Regular states.

Google Adsense has long been the dominant ad network for large and small publishers worldwide. With an estimated 15 Million publishers generating over 20% of Google’s ad revenue, Adsense is an important player to all publishers. We wanted to know how Infolinks competes with Adsense? “We are a compliment to Adsense, we see them as a partner not a competitor,” says Robert Regular., “We have exclusive ad products/units so many websites who have Adsense add Infolinks to increase their earning 30% or more. Plus Adsense cannot personally attend to all those publishers by email or phone and we make it a point to provide that service.”

To date, Infolinks maintains a network of nearly 25,000 direct publishers and has paid out nearly $100 Million. Certainly a far distance from Google Adsense, but in the race for increasing income Infolinks ( appears to be a strong compliment for publishers.