Driving Conversions Using the Power of Color – 40 Facts (Infographic)


Color truly is a language of its own. Through its use in flags, symbols, logos or art, color is used to convey meaning and nuance our understanding of messages and metaphors. It can be used to signal danger, help organize traffic, and so much more. Web design isn’t immune to the power of color either. Smart use of color in a website can have a substantial positive impact on your conversion rates and ultimately revenue as well. Many businesses have found that event implementing small tweaks such as changing the color of their links from blue to red or using high-contrasting orange in their call-to-action buttons increased their conversions, online traffic, and revenue significantly.

DesignAdvisor compiled an array of fun facts and stats on the effects of color on web design and branding. They poured information from different corners of the web, presented them using fun visuals and poured it all into an infographic. Through case studies, statistics and recommendations, they establish some crucial points to keep in mind when considering a design strategy for a business. This infographic puts a focus on the use of color psychology to drive conversions for businesses. Check it out for yourself below!


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