Q&A with Digital Remedy to Discuss Mobile Ads

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In 2018, 75% of digital advertising is going towards mobile, a 21,775% growth from what was spent on mobile advertising a decade ago.  But, is this $70 billion industry targeting to a captive audience?

Adotas presents a Q&A with Digital Remedy to discuss where they see the most wasted mobile ad and their tips for actually putting those dollars to good use.

Q: What Is the Most Wasted Use of Mobile

The biggest watch out for any mobile campaign is fraudulent traffic. It is an issue (or a practice) that pains the value of Mobile day in and day out. Advertisers who are not taking advantage of new tools that help guard against “cookie stuffing” and IVT app traffic, are wasting their spend completely. Secondarily, if advertisers aren’t using key targeting and optimization techniques to manage their buys, they are likely seeing high generic KPI numbers (like our beloved CTR) with little impact to the bottom line.

Q: What is the Best Use of Mobile

  1. Establishing the desired business outcome.
  2. Taking advantage of a mobile environment that is well poised to address fraudulent traffic, precision targeting and has an optimization team at the ready to follow trends.

Q: What are the “Watch Outs”?

Fat thumbs/fingers are unavoidable. But managing your trafficking instructions to ensure viewability and proper measurement will go a long way.