Why is Social Media Significant for Mobile App Marketing

With the technology advancement, social media has become one of the useful platforms to promote your business or app. However, their proper utilization is important for the desired outcomes.

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Marketing is no easy task. Do you think flexible, appropriate, yet powerful marketing is possible? Yes, it is. Haven’t you seen people promoting their products on social media? Yes, social media has become one of the prominent platforms to promote your mobile apps. It is a great podium and when associated with the digital field, such as mobile app development, it becomes even more profitable. Have a look at these statistics to realize the significance of social media:

  • From approximately 7.2 billion people on the earth, there are 3 billion people who have Internet, 2.1 billion frequently used social media platforms, and 1.7 billion access it by using their mobile phones.
  • The social media users’ are expected to cross 2.5 billion by 2018 end.
  • 52% of online adults are now using two or more social media websites.
Social Media Ads are Beneficial for App Development Organizations: How?
  • The ads on social media are the cost-effective alternative to radio, newspaper, or TV.
  • In social media, your advertisements space is being used in a better way.
  • There are huge chances of customer conversion if they come through social media influencer or with their interests.

How to Use Social Media for Apps Promotion?



Using hashtags on Google+ is the same as using them on Twitter and Instagram, which is # and afterward type your single word hashtag. But, there is something that makes Google+ hashtag different. Do you know what? The capacity to make automatic hashtags. Additionally, utilizing hashtags improves your SEO control, and makes it simpler for people to find your content. This added visibility provides you with higher overall reach. However, do not try too hard because Google doesn’t consider over-stuffing catchphrases in hashtags.


An extensive number of customers across the world use Twitter every day, and around 85% of them use their mobile phones for using it. Twitter enables you to attract influencers or organizations by commenting or mentioning them in your tweets. Another component that was released a few years back enables you to use content advertising and “Twitter Cards”, in order to augment the perceivability quality of your mobile application. This eventually helps in growing downloads.


Numerous people believe Facebook as the best web-based platform currently for the advancement of your application. Therefore, it is recommended to set up a Facebook page for your application as it will give you a proximity in the online life world. This is a phenomenal strategy to get authenticity, make a buzz or get feedback about your application. Moreover, you can join social events and promote your application in them. In fact, you can make your own specific Facebook assembly and ask people to join it.


While Instagram is all about the pictures, it’s as profitable as other social media platforms to showcase your mobile application. You can use the story feature to add videos or images of your application. While stories disappear after 24 hours, it will still give an update to the users that your app is out there and accessible. Apart from this, another way to expand commitment on Instagram is through running challenges. It is a great advertising system to attract your customers and convince them to download your application.

Build a Store around Your Application

We always pulled in whenever it comes to narration. This is the reason advertising can be done by telling stories about your app rather than essentially sticking to materials. Here are some points you can opt for while telling a story about your mobile app:

  • The motivation behind building your application.
  • The honest circumstances where your application ends up being useful.
  • The story of your picture that ultimately transported into the application.
  • The cooperation and dedication that made the application possible.

Not only this, there is an extensive measure of social media that can help you in promoting or propelling your business application. You can also use these tips for better results as mentioned:

  • Deliver good and precise content on your mobile application
  • Try to develop a unique and useful app
  • Give it a simple interface

All Things Considered

Social media platforms play a major role in the marketing of your app and have unquestionably opened multiple doors for the organizations. Therefore, utilizing this stage for mobile application marketing will particularly take your services to a completely new horizon. With these 5 key platforms, you can reach out to the potential users as everybody is on social media today. Additionally, it is important to practice certain tips as per the kind of social media platform you are utilizing to target your audience. You can’t use the same trick on each platform.


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