Q&A with Ariel Napchi, CEO and Founder of HIRO Media


Adotas presents a Q&A with Ariel Napchi, CEO, and Founder of HIRO Media. Ariel Shares his thoughts on the latest industry developments.

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HIRO is one of 4 major online video ecosystems (i.e. Google/YouTube; Facebook; One/AOL; & HIRO Media) with stake across content creation, publishers and advertisers maximizing monetization and personalization. HIRO represents an end-to-end video solution that helps advertisers, content owners, and publishers optimize their profits and performance.

Q: What are your industry predictions for 2018-2019?
A: We believe that the decline in advertising will continue and will be more evident in the Long Tail segment. We will probably see more companies joining the triopology – my bet is that it will come from the giants such as AT&T Time Warner, Disney – news, Comcast, Vodafone.
Q: What do you believe is the most effective form of digital advertising and why? 
A: In terms of being the most cost-effective, it’s Long Tail Advertising. Long Tail Advertising received some bad publicity in the past year or so, but we believe that it will rebound.
Q: Do you see any new trends developing?
A: Programmatic OOH seems to grow, omnichannel marketing is a strong buzzword and as an effect of GDPR, we will see more context targeting.
Q: What are the challenges and opportunities facing programmatic advertising? 
A: We see GDPR and cleaning the ecosystem as two of the biggest issues/opportunities.


About Ariel Napchi 

Ariel is a serial entrepreneur with two decades of experience managing media, communications, and technology ventures. He’s led two successful M&As, and he possesses a wide range of expertise: general management, sales, marketing, product development, business development, and more. Ariel has played a leading role within a number of successful start-ups as well as large global organizations. Prior to setting up HIRO, he founded Valis and served as a CEO. Valis provided the first-ever location-based community service, which was launched with Vodafone global and Orange. The company attracted financial backing from Pitango, AOL, and Time Warner. Ariel was recently recognized as one of the ten most promising entrepreneurs in Israel and named “Innovator to Watch” in Variety (a U.S. entertainment magazine). Ariel has a B.A. in Philosophy and Humanities from Tel Aviv University.