5 Smart Ways to Use Digital Tools for Boosting Sales


Running a business? It’s obvious that boosting sales year after year is one of your major priorities when it comes to the overall growth of your business. Several digital marketing strategies exist—that if well-used can lead to increased sales. These include the use of email marketing social media platforms, content marketing, and search engine optimization.

However, the truth is that most marketers will find it difficult to make the right decision regarding marketing tools. What then? As a marketer, you need to experiment with each of the strategies to find out which of them works best for you in terms of the conversion rate.

Consider the following five ways on how to utilize these digital tools for increased sales:

Email Marketing

Email marketing works for both in-store and online businesses. It’s one of the best ways you can use to build relationships with your current or past customers, leads, as well as prospects. Delivering relevant product information to your users at their convenient time helps to build trust and of course loyalty for your products and services.

In case you run a brick-and-mortar storefront, then starting out with e-receipts during checkout is a wise strategy to collect your customers’ contacts which is essential for healthy engagement. In fact, most customers appreciate the convenience that comes with this kind of receipt. If well-used, email marketing can also drive repeat traffic to your brick-and-mortar shop.

Whether you operate an in-store or online business, ensure the use of email automation tools. This will not only enable you to execute an effective email marketing campaign but also send out more targeted emails which will lead to increased sales.

Content Marketing

Content marketing comes with numerous benefits including increased brand awareness, lead generation (which eventually leads to increased traffic), trust and loyalty development between you and your customers. Most importantly you establish ongoing and permanent relationships with your audience by keeping them engaged.

As an entrepreneur, always ensure you deliver quality content to your audience. Many entrepreneurs fail here since they can’t provide regular content to their audience. You can overcome this practice by producing timeless content—that will serve you for a longer time period by constantly driving traffic to your site.

You can always share your product information via emails or even social media since they’re proven modes of marketing—which essentially amount to increased user engagement.

Leads Forms

You may not think of it as an effective tool when it comes to marketing as it’s always overlooked by most marketers. Excluding leads forms (also called marketing forms) from your website equals driving away users from your site. Yes, it’s true.

When users get to your site, they might want to contact you to ask for more information about a product or service. This is where a web form comes in handy. With web forms, they’re able to contact you without having to leave the contact page and hence a convenient method. Avoid pushing your clients in using the clickable email links for them to contact you—this move can encourage them to exit your site and opt for your competitor’s services.

The use of web forms also makes it easy for you to track down your marketing campaign performance. When users fill in the forms you can get reliable metrics that are crucial in gauging your site’s effectiveness. You can then use the Google Analytics tool to establish how many users visited your site and how they came across it.

The latter information helps you establish which of your marketing strategies is more effective and hence giving you the opportunity to redirect your efforts to that particular marketing tool. Knowing what best works for you will greatly help to boost your sales.

Social Media or Influencer

If you haven’t heavily invested in social media, then working with an influencer (or an established blogger) will help you acquire more brand awareness thus boosting your sales. Most users trust bloggers and base their decisions on the information provided by these bloggers. Therefore, working hand in hand with influencers is a smart way to ensure increased sales.

Search Engine Optimization

Most people associate SEO with keyword analysis—which is of course right. However, it also entails the use of backlink analysis tools. Anyway, that’s for another day as it’s a long, complex topic.

The bottom line is that if you are not using SEO marketing tools to optimize your site, you are losing valuable traffic.


When it comes to effective marketing, there isn’t any “one size fits all” formula. Always experiment with each strategy to establish what works best for your business.


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