World Emoji Day: Q&A with Ann Clurman

As younger generations become increasingly wary of marketing language, it’s important to find ways to connect with them in a way that feels authentic. Adotas presents a Q&A with Ann Clurman of Kantar Consulting to discuss the emergence of emojis as a creative outlet for language and their importance to marketers hoping to reach younger audiences.
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Q: How do emojis differ from other shortcuts? 

A: Like other shortcuts, emojis help cut through the clutter and complexity characterizing life today. However, emojis are creative and contextual in ways other shortcuts often are not. Emojis can bring additional color and emotion to language. In addition, emojis are global and transcend language barriers.


Q: What opportunities do emojis provide in marketing as language becomes homogenized and descriptors are overused? 

A: Emojis can provide a counterpoint to language that all too often feels repetitious and full of jargon, not to mention predictable. Think about how “awesome” is used today to describe just about everything. Sure, it’s an easy, default adjective, but the power of the word has been erased by indiscriminate use. Like overused words, emojis are easy to fall back on, but their variety and creativity offer an accessible way to put imagination to work, adding tone, nuance, and differentiation to communications.

Q: How do emojis help marketers reach a younger audience?

A: Visual culture is an essential way to communicate with young people whose screen-based lives make their default mode watching, not reading. Emojis are an important part of daily communication between young people and emoji use allows brands to meet younger generations where they are and speak to them in their own “language.” This generation is all about standing out, rather than fitting in with one specific style, and emojis can help establish a brand voice that is lively and colorful.

About Ann

Ann Clurman is Executive Vice President, Trends and Futures Consulting at Kantar Consulting, a global strategic planning, insight and innovation consultancy focused on helping its clients switch on growth. She works closely with clients to provide a comprehensive understanding of the shifting consumer attitudes, lifestyle values, and brand behaviors shaping the marketplace today and tomorrow. Ann is a nationally recognized authority and lecturer on American consumers. A knowledgeable and spirited presenter, she speaks before diverse client, industry and government groups and is often quoted in the media.