‘Spring Cleaning’ Your E-commerce Website


It’s spring. You know what that means: The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and your
e-commerce website could use a yearly refresh. Just like many people use this time to clean out their homes after winter, you can use ‘spring cleaning’ as a motivator to audit your website. This will help you determine which elements are working and which could use a refresher before summer sales come along.

Spring cleaning your e-commerce website is really a matter of exploring your own online store with a fine-tooth comb. Put yourself in your shoppers’ shoes. Is there anything clunky about progressing through the sales funnel? Is navigation optimized for intuitive forward and backward movement? Does anything look out of place? Is your website missing any key landing pages—or retaining any outdated ones? As you’re freshening up your e-commerce site, pay special attention to these three areas.


Have you been slacking on optimizing your on-page SEO? Now is a great time to make sure your content looks good, your metadata is serving its purpose and your links are all functional. The goal is to garner as much page authority as possible—all while making your e-commerce website appear clean and professional. If you encounter any low-performing pages, come up with a plan to revamp them so they can drive traffic and conversions alike.


Your site navigation greatly impacts the overall user experience visitors encounter on your website. Consider your primary navigation menu. If it’s too broad, users will struggle to find what they’re seeking quickly. Or, the process of navigating your site will be a hassle for them. If the menu is too granular, users will have to spend extra time perusing too many options. Research suggests the best approach is including product categories on your main navigation.

Another key aspect of site navigation is product listings themselves. Your spring cleaning session may reveal some of your products need re-categorizing. Or perhaps your listings could use an update to ensure they have the most recent, accurate information and best design possible. Above all, your cloud-based e-commerce platform should support intuitive product catalog navigation and optimized listings. This will help customers know exactly where to click, how to find the information they need and how to add items to their carts.


When it comes to facilitating an effective e-commerce checkout, fewer clicks are always better. You don’t want your customers to feel like they have to invest a lot of time or effort into making a purchase. If the process is too tedious, they may simply abandon their carts altogether.

So, when spring cleaning rolls around, make sure your checkout is as simple as it can be while capturing the necessary information. Pro tip: People respond well to motivations like a visual progress indicator that shows them how close they are to completion.

It’s also important to keep your payment process up to date with the latest in cybersecurity
standards. It seems like we’re always hearing about a new cyber attack in the news. Avoid
becoming the victim of a data breach—and compromising your customers’ payment
information, thus losing their trust—but assessing the strength of your cybersecurity strategy regularly. You can pass on this confidence to consumers by displaying trust seals on your website, perhaps even taking the time to update them during spring cleaning.

Spring is a season of renewal. Why not use this opportunity to check in on your e-commerce store and make sure it’s running at peak performance as we head into summer and beyond?


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