Email Opt-Out Behavior Infographic by Geography

Email Opt-Out Behavior Infographic by Geography

Opt-Outs (or unsubscribes) are a part of virtually every email marketing campaign. They tell half the story of how your email list size changes over time and handling them properly is vital to remaining compliant with email marketing regulations around the world. Based on the importance of Opt-Outs to the long-term success of an email program, you might expect marketers to analyze them closely, leading to plenty of interesting research on unsubscribe activity and trends. However, this just isn’t the case. You’re hard-pressed to find many white papers, infographics, or other research about Opt-Out behavior.

Conversely, there is a steady stream of analysis published about positive KPIs like Open Rate, Click Rate, Conversions, Conversion Rate, ROI, etc. Marketers are often trained to look at the positive metrics and identify ways to optimize performance. The whole mindset is focused on the positive. But, there is a great deal to be learned by looking at negative marketing signals, like Opt-Outs and the behavior surrounding them.

With all this in mind, OPTIZMO Technologies recently released its first in a series of infographics focused on Opt-Out behavior. The first infographic is dedicated to examining WHERE Opt-Outs come from.

Having been in the business of processing email Opt-Outs for almost a decade, the company has learned a great deal about unsubscribing behavior from users around the globe. Using a large sample of data on 14 months of Opt-Out behavior, the infographic provides insights into the locations and email platforms driving most of the unsubscribe requests.


As a company providing suppression list management and Opt-Out processing for hundreds, it’s not surprising to receive unsubscribe requests from all over the globe. But, it’s still interesting to see them come in from virtually every recognized country in the world (192 of 193 countries). In case you’re wondering about that one missing country – it’s North Korea.

The majority of Opt-Out requests came from users in North America (87%), with the United States making up the vast majority (86% of total Opt-Outs). Europe came in as the region seen second most frequently, with 8.7% of total Opt-Outs. Europe also accounted for five of the top 10 countries, generating Opt-Outs.

Similar to the country coverage, Opt-Outs were received from virtually every continent – except one.  No unsubscribe requests were received from Antarctica within the data set.

Email Providers

The additional piece of information included in the infographic regarding WHERE Opt-Outs came from involved the email domain itself. In the U.S., the most popular email provider is Gmail (with 42% of the market). They are followed by Yahoo! (16%) and Hotmail (6%), to round out the top three (2018 Global Email Benchmark Report – Sendgrid).

However, Opt-Out behavior didn’t line up exactly with the popularity of email providers.  Yahoo! provided the most Opt-Outs, at 32% of the total. AOL came in second at 16% and Gmail dropped in at third place with 13.9%. The top 10 email providers accounted for almost 80% of all Opt-Out requests. That leaves over 20% spread across a huge number of other email domains, which include some once-hugely popular email providers that now have just a fraction of the market – like Prodigy, Lycos, and Excite.

This infographic is the first of three that OPTIZMO will be releasing in 2018. The next two infographics will focus on device usage, most common browsers, and operating systems, and trends in the days and times opt-outs are received.

Download OPTIZMO’s Email Opt-Out Requests Infographic here.


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