Why Email Automation is Critical for the Retail Industry

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When it comes to the retail industry, well-executed email marketing strategies can work wonders. It is undoubtedly the ideal medium for advertising and promotions as it brings the best value for money.

For the current marketplace, it can be said that subscribers are looking for novelty. You cannot afford to be boring with your email marketing if you want to compete with industry giants. Email Automation is one of the key tactics to lure subscribers and generate more revenue.

Give your Business the Edge with Email Automation

Email automation is a win-win for both subscribers and small-scale business owners. Building a rapport with your subscribers is best done through automated emails as it allows you to send pertinent content and assist subscribers in their buying decisions.

Interestingly, using email automation can boost revenue by 20%. Isn’t that awesome? However, this holds true only if you make the most of every opportunity and deliver a pleasant UX throughout the “digital” journey of the subscriber.

Let’s take a look at the different types of automated emails that drive powerful results in the retail industry.

  1. Welcome Emails

Whenever a person subscribes to your emails or makes a purchase for the first time, it is your responsibility to make them feel important and ensure they stay engaged. Do you know why welcome emails are so important? It is because users are looking forward to a welcome email after subscribing.

Additionally, subscribers receiving a welcome email exhibit higher brand engagement. Welcome emails help drive 4x open rates and 5x click rates when compared to other email campaigns.

Welcome Emails make new subscribers familiar with your brand and can be used for promotions as well. You can use them to encourage your subscribers to follow or connect with you on other channels.

Check out this tempting welcome email by Pizza Hut that is sure to impress the subscribers and coax them to place an order.

  1. Lead Nurturing ‘Drip’ Emails

    You’ll be happy to know that brands who nurture their subscribers achieve 50% more sales-ready subscribers. Moreover, nurtured subscribers tend to make bigger purchases than unnurtured subscribers. Unfortunately, online retailers fail to nurture their leads effectively.

    It is important to remember that your subscribers are human, and we all love reading stories we can relate to. Having relatable stories can do wonders for your email marketing strategy.

    Besides being engaging when planning drip emails, you should also remember to troubleshoot the problems of your subscribers, so you understand their needs. You can also share subscriber reviews, success stories or stories about your brand. Alternatively, you can try understanding their interests as Dorthy Perkins does. They send more relevant emails according to the subscribers’ preferences.

  2. Order Confirmation Email

    An email that is received by your subscriber after they have placed an order go a long way in marketing your brand. And if you are not including any promotional content in the email, you are missing out on something really awesome. The reason for this is the fact that subscribers receiving the transactional email like you and are keen on buying from you.

    Moreover, by including recommended products in order confirmation email, you can cross-sell. You can easily do this by adding images of similar products below the order details just like Etsy has done in their email. Upsell is also a good idea but we shall discuss about it in another section of our article.

  3. Order Shipment Email

    All retailers invariably send out emails saying that the ‘order has shipped’. However, the sad part is that not everyone makes the most of these emails. In a normal scenario, a customer ordering online from a retail store has to constantly track information of the shipped product on the website until it is delivered. It is often a tiring ritual to do. You can make the subscriber experience pleasant by including a live tracking feature directly in the email.

  4. Emails for Upsell

    Keeping the communication going with subscribers after they complete a purchase is a must. Upselling products that complement the customer’s previous purchase sounds like a smart and effective strategy. A personalized greeting is also a good idea to upsell.

    Staples makes a brilliant use of these emails.

  5. Upcoming Purchase Reminder Workflow

    Do you have a subscriber who comes back again to buy the same type of product – may be an under-eye cream to remove dark circles or a specific brand of hair product? You can send them an automated email as a reminder that it would be time to order the product. Doesn’t that sound like wow?

    Imagine they can order the desired product right from their inbox. It could not get any better than that. It is almost like a telepathic communication with your subscriber. However, make sure it does not get too creepy. These emails can also be used in occasion email marketing.

    Have a look at this example:

  1. Customer Feedback Emails

You can garner a huge database of reviews by shooting an email asking your subscribers for feedback. Moreover, you can also monitor the way your customers use the features you offer and trigger emails informing them about the new features or existing services they are oblivious to.

  1. Cart Abandonment Emails

Approximately 74.52% of carts were abandoned in Q2 of 2016. Some of the most dominant reasons behind cart abandonment include not-so-user-friendly payment options at checkout, unavailability of free-shipping, discount/promo code not being honored, and competition of better deals on other websites.

Offering a coupon or a discount can entice your subscribers to return to their cart and complete the purchase. Offering free shipping can also bring back a few more. However, while discounts may help to lure prospective customers, they affect profitability and there are chances that customers get trained to get discounts for abandoning carts.

  1. Re-engagement Emails

It is often seen that as time goes by, your prospective customers and subscribers stop acknowledging or opening your emails. Consequently, with your emails being hardly opened, read or clicked, they might stop buying from you as well. So, it is important to re-engage with them by sending them enticing re-engagement emails, before it is too late.


Wrap up

Automation enhances the outcome of email marketing for the retail industry in particular and makes it all the more effective by cutting down expenses and business time. Not only does it create a better subscriber experience, it helps you in creating an effective email campaign as well. All in all, email automation is absolutely the need of the hour if you want to reach out to your subscribers and reinforce your brand successfully.