Is Your Brand Using Video Marketing Yet?


Any serious marketer knows that videos are a powerful tool for brand promotion. 

It is also not that hard to make, especially if you can practice video editing and reliable hardware; for the former, you need inspiration, time and some tutorials, for the latter a quick stop at Newegg would suffice. All data strongly suggests that the investment is well worth it.

Businesses are obviously paying attention to this rising trend as more brands have started adopting video marketing. Companies that post videos are increasing the count and companies that don’t are beginning to join the trend. Let’s briefly review some important facts that are in the infographic.

  1. Many brands claim that videos have helped them reduce the rate at which customers request support. This makes sense as 95% of people say they watch explainer videos. It turns out that it is easier for people to learn how to use a product through videos than call customer support.
  2. Video marketing is serving its purpose as many businesses insist it has helped with their brand exposure. Some customers also said watching videos about a brand has convinced them to buy its items.
  3. YouTube is a destination for videos and marketers are taking advantage of it. The 90% of marketers who have published videos on YouTube found it effective. Facebook is another platform used to exploit video marketing. It is also confirmed to be effective.
  4. Webinars are also an effective strategy that has become popular for brand exposure. Videos on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn are also adopted by marketers.
  5. Live streaming is another way brands are using video marketing. The 80% of customers surveyed prefer it to blogs and social posts. It would be a good idea to indulge them.

Video marketing has an exciting future and it involves VR and video mapping. Learn more by taking a look at the infographic below.


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