Advertisers Take Action on Brand Safety

45% of advertisers say social media platforms have done a bad job on brand safety.


These days, fake news spreads like wildfire over social media. Avoiding association with controversial content is more important than ever for brands and advertisers. Oath surveyed 304 U.S. advertising decision makers on brand safety and learned the actions they’re taking to ensure the integrity of their brands.

Key findings:

  • 94% of advertisers are worried about brand safety
  • 58% are more concerned about it this year than last year
  • 42% say user-generated content sites aren’t addressing it
  • 45% are shifting spend to premium sites to stay safe

“From social media to user-generated content, avoiding association with controversial inventory is more important than ever for advertisers,” says Jay Seideman, SVP, Demand Platforms at Oath.

“In fact, virtually all of the decision makers we polled expressed concerns over brand safety. As a result, they are taking steps to ensure the integrity of their brands and campaigns. We are seeing this manifest in several ways. Not only are advertisers putting pressure on partners to more effectively screen brand inventory, they are also embracing blacklists and whitelists for added protection. Additionally, nearly 50% are shifting spend to more premium media environments. We are seeing advertisers fundamentally change their programmatic strategies to ensure reputation, safety, and transparency.”


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