The Moneytizer Expands Global User Base of Innovative Header Bidding Platform


Growth capitalizes on $33B programmatic marketplace

The Moneytizer, a French advertising platform aiming to optimize the ad revenues of small- and medium-sized businesses, recently eclipsed 12,000 worldwide publishers of the company’s free, turnkey platform for programmatic advertising. This rapid growth represents a 50% increase in the company’s user base since December 2017.

“We are excited by significant expansion of The Moneytizer’s user base, as more and more businesses around the world recognize the advantages offered by our intuitive, non-binding platform,” commented Augustin Ory, CEO and Founder of The Moneytizer. “Our goal is to serve small- and medium-sized businesses with a useful tool to optimize monetization and maximize revenue from digital advertising. We are proud to say that businesses around the world are already benefiting from our header bidding solution.”

The Moneytizer’s advertising platform uses an advanced header bidding algorithm to put more than 40 ad partners in a competition to offer the best CPM revenue possible to publishers. Leveraging the company’s competitive advantage in header bidding technology, The Moneytizer is currently developing new features and strategies to deliver even stronger results to its global user base. It is the first platform of its kind to propose such an increased and diversified offer of ad partners to publishers on the same platform. According to a recent Statista study, more than 70% of US publishers have adopted header bidding as of November 2017.

Bolstering the company’s international growth, The Moneytizer launched its platform in Portugal and Brazil last month. The Portuguese-language platform joins the company’s already-significant presence in France, Spain, Italy, Germany, North America and South America. The Moneytizer is currently available in six languages and has been adopted by businesses throughout the world.

About The Moneytizer

The Moneytizer leverages the most up-to-date header bidding technology to optimize revenues for publishers of any size. The platform’s ease of use and non-exclusive format has attracted over 12,000 users to date. Founded in 2014, the Paris-based company has built on its success in Europe to expand globally and now has more than 2,000 publishers in the US. The Moneytizer was founded by Augustin Ory, successful entrepreneur and the former founder of Horyzon Media which was sold to the French Yellow Pages.


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