How Brands Use AI for Marketing

In the infographic below, crafted by 16Best.netyou can see many different business applications of AI. It presents the diverse approaches of 28 leading companies like Disney, Google, Netflix, and Amazon.
Despite their different needs and business models, each one of them has found a very useful application of artificial intelligence that not only automates certain processes but delivers a much more robust and meaningful experience for a fraction of the cost.

So far, the fears about the rise of the machines – how they would take away many jobs and how human contribution would lose its value in a number of industries – prove to be completely detached from the reality. 

The Truth About AI: AI helps people live better by saving time from repetitive and tedious tasks. In many companies it allows people to focus on more creative and impactful solutions instead of replying to simple queries several hours per day. Huge corporations invest billions to develop advanced AI, expecting that the smart robots of tomorrow will return the investment manifold.

AI has its numerous applications that can help a business owner excel. As developing price falls and cycles shorten, many small and medium businesses can benefit from AI. Robots already can:

1. Deliver splendid customer service – AI interactive capabilities and appropriate responses grow by the minute.
2. Collect and analyze data – intelligent robots are capable of recording and analyzing the behavioral patterns of site visitors.
3. Tailor and offer specific promotions – Thanks to the collected data, smart bots can boost sales and marketing reach by creating and providing personalized discounts that are nigh impossible to resist.


Brands That Use AI To Enhance Marketing


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