Vestorly: Quadrupling Click-Through Rates with AI


It’s a challenge any business without a multi-million dollar marketing budget faces: How can you get your customers to pay attention to me online when they’re being bombarded by content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Email, Push notifications, and endless other new apps? Just send your audience content they want.

Easier said than done? Don’t be so sure.

What’s the channel most powerful for connecting with people and communicating your value? Is it Pinterest? Maybe Snapchat? Could it be aerial banner ads? No, it’s…Email.

No matter what you’ve heard, email isn’t passé and newsletters don’t have to be spammy.  The email inbox remains a sacred space where people receive curated information from sources they trust.

The numbers don’t lie: A 2017 study from the Direct Marketing Association found that email marketing delivered a 4,300% return on investment on average. Despite the rise in popularity and use of social media as an advertising platform, email marketing is still 3X more likely to result in transactions than social media.

Combine this with recent advances in artificial intelligence, and we’re in the middle of an email marketing renaissance.

But the Content Matters

Here’s something crazy, though: the average click-through rate (CTR) is only 2.4%. Email marketing may be the most cost-effective way to engage people, but most emails are still boring and irrelevant.

Just imagine the potential if marketers could even double their click-through-rates to 4.4%.

People want content from today, personalized for them and relevant to their interests and lives.  It’s why social media platforms have become something of news aggregators for their users.

If you could aggregate personally interesting stories for each of your email contacts at scale, you could be a powerhouse email marketer.

The CTR is a strong indicator of how interesting, engaging, relevant, and effective your email newsletters are to each person. If you can bring your CTR up, you’re creating real interactions that lead to real transactions.

But many marketers don’t have the tools to scale one-to-one content marketing with their email contacts. There’s no single blast email you can send that will be equally engaging to every contact. But you also don’t have the time to create custom email newsletters for every reader.

AI Meets ROI

Even if you had the time to manually build emails for every one of your readers, how perfectly matched would they be to every person? Without the time constraint, you still don’t have the knowledge or data to perfectly customize your content marketing.

What you need is something with more thorough and extensive information about your readers’ interests. Vestorly’s email marketing technology uses artificial intelligence to craft emails curated to each and every reader. Vestorly eliminates the guesswork around choosing content for your audience, leading to increased engagement, all while reducing your marketing tasks and hours spent building email campaigns.

Using AI and machine learning technology to learns about your contacts over time, Vestorly emails consistently outperform other email marketing tools. 300% on average to be exact. That’s a 4X improvement.

The average Vestorly users sees an 8.8% CTR or 4X the average. That’s 4 times as many people engaging with your business on a regular basis and more likely to think of you when they need your services. You already saw how big the ROI of email marketing can be, and it starts with that click.

So what does an email 4X as engaging as the rest actually look like? It’s different for every business and every reader. But Vestorly is free for you to use, so try it out now.



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