The London Media Exchange (LMX) to Partner with Ternio Blockchain to Provide Verification and Transparency into Media Costs


Ternio, a company providing a scalable transparency solution for programmatic advertising, announced it will enter into a preliminary agreement to integrate its blockchain solution on The London Media Exchange.

LMX, the first European forwards and options market, is partnering with Ternio in order to evaluate a first of its kind blockchain verification technology that will bring full transparency into the costs associated with each layer and ad impression and supply verified inventory across the supply chain to all advertisers.

“As supporters of transparency in the ad industry it was an easy decision to partner with Ternio’s blockchain solution,” said LMX CEO Dan Wilson. “Ternio is the only blockchain technology that can support the scale that LMX needs across its futures and options market. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Ternio and provide clear accountability to advertisers.”

With this agreement in place, advertisers buying on LMX will be able to use Ternio to verify the costs of media, number of intermediaries, and the overall path taken to go from Advertiser to Publisher. Ternio will enable LMX to provide full transparency to demand partners so they can better fight fraud and wasted ad spend.

The news follows Ternio’s announcement in January that it joined the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), Hyperledger, The Linux Foundation and AdLedger Consortium to establish and promote standards in blockchain in digital advertising.

“As advocates for a more efficient and transparent ad industry we are very excited to partner with a forward-thinking company like LMX,” said Ian Kane, co-founder of Ternio (pictured top left). “Our blockchain solution will enable LMX to verify users and protect advertisers from ad fraud—all executed in a fully programmatic environment.”

About Ternio

Ternio is a blockchain-based digital advertising company that brings transparency to the digital advertising ecosystem through a verifiable and decentralized asset which ensures contract terms are met. Ternio’s utility token (TERN) is used by advertisers, publishers and ad tech companies to verify users, instantly pay publishers and protect advertisers from ad fraud.

About LMX

LMX is combining advertising expertise with leading fintech technology to create a dynamic new global marketplace where publishers, agencies, traders and speculators can buy and sell media forwards and options in a secure, regulated and transparent market. Media is evolving into an asset class, creating new markets and untapped trading opportunities.


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