GlobalWide Media Tunes into TUNE Certified Partner Program for Mobile Marketing

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GlobalWide Media (GWM), a data-driven digital marketing company, is thrilled to announced it has joined the TUNE Certified Partner Program. The program, run by TUNE, honors integrated advertising partners who have demonstrated their commitment to upholding unbiased and trustworthy standards in mobile marketing.

As a member of the TUNE Certified Partner Program, GWM joins a group of mobile marketing and advertising companies who support mobile marketing best practices for the benefit of all marketers. This certification furthers GWM’s efforts in support of brand safety, quality inventory and transparency. By supporting mobile marketing best practices, GWM is arming marketers with the necessary insights to select the best advertising partners to meet marketing campaign goals.

“To maintain a leadership position in the digital advertising space, it’s imperative to be an active participant in the growth and advancement of industry best practices as a whole, in order to provide the most value to our clients,” said Bjorn Hougaard, SVP of Sales and Media Strategy at GlobalWide Media (pictured top left). “We are proud to join forces with fellow advertising partners who are committed to implementing and upholding unbiased, trustworthy standards for mobile advertisers and to be recognized as one such mobile marketing partner.”

GWM completed a rigorous evaluation process defined by TUNE, which evaluates and scores a company’s ability to adhere to mobile marketing best practices across both technical, practical and customer support requirements. As a result, GWM has demonstrated their commitment to implementing the highest of industry standards for mobile marketers and advertisers alike.

“The TUNE Certified Partner Program establishes and furthers industry best practices for mobile marketing,” said Ryan Buma, Chief Commercial Officer at TUNE. “GlobalWide Media has demonstrated its commitment to providing mobile marketers with the utmost level of transparency, service, and value, we’re pleased to welcome them to the program. I applaud their commitment and dedication to helping mobile marketers, and the industry as a whole, succeed.”

Established in July 2015, this certification was the first in the industry to outline standards for mobile marketing, helping marketers to find trusted advertising partners while promoting more transparency within the industry. To maintain the integrity and quality of the program, TUNE performs annual and on-demand certification compliance reviews to ensure all existing Certified Partners continue to meet program requirements.

GWM has also partnered with Tune’s HasOffers platform to provide unique data insight into user acquisition, engagement and retention, offering increased value to customers and partners. The new partnership with TUNE provides an opportunity for clients and partners to take advantage of the HasOffers platform, with easy access to GWM’s high quality inventory.

About GlobalWide Media 
GlobalWide Media is a data-driven digital marketing leader, providing media solutions for the world’s leading brands and agencies. GlobalWide Media connects advertisers with custom audiences through direct response and brand campaigns, activating proprietary and first party data. With offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, Victoria, London and Hong Kong, GlobalWide Media provides localized expertise for brands globally.

About TUNE
TUNE delivers measurement solutions that help marketers and their partners effectively manage campaigns, engage the right audiences, optimize ad performance, and grow their business. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington with over 300 employees in nine offices worldwide, TUNE solutions are used by Expedia, CVS, Subway, The New York Times, Line Corporation and more. For more information visit: