Datagran Declares Ad and Media Agencies Are Obsolete. They may actually have a point.


Datagran stakes $17,000 in Cryptocurrency and Prizes on its Claim that No One Can Deliver a More Effective Marketing Campaign Than Datagran’s Platform

Today, Datagran, a company that claims to be reinventing the digital advertising model worldwide through a combination of artificial intelligence and human ingenuity, announced its further expansion into the U.S. market via the launch of a new office in New York City’s financial district. Datagran already has a presence in HoustonWarsawIstanbulBogotaBuenos Aires, Mexico City and Los Angeles.

Datagran has achieved rapid success by uniquely combining computer logic with human creativity to bypass traditional ad and media agencies. Instead, it delivers real-time insights and creative to marketers, finally letting them take control of their campaigns while cutting costs.

The advertising industry is facing serious challenges. The volume of data that companies generate now surpasses the ability of any human to interpret, and many companies are not leveraging this data in the right way. At the same time, media and agency costs continue to rise, but only large brands enjoy economies of scale, and campaign learnings and optimizations can often be implemented only after media budgets are spent.

Datagran – backed by some of the same early investors that funded Uber and Airbnb – changes everything. Its toolkit continually optimizes audiences, CPR, creative and channel mix, provides audience-based insights before ad buys are placed, and unlocks data patterns and trends based on a company’s business performance – including audience clusters, price points and more.

All of these insights are then fed into Datagran’s game-changing adCreator service, which uses its inhouse network of several dozen award-winning creative professionals to deliver creative including photography, visuals, videos and copywriting, at some of the lowest costs in the industry.

“Entrenched industries such as retail, transportation and hospitality have been disrupted in recent years through advanced technology. It’s long overdue for ad and media agencies to also be replaced by a better approach,” said Carlos Mendez Solano, founder and CEO of Datagran (pictured top left). “With Datagran, brands or media agencies no longer need traditional agencies to create and deliver groundbreaking, impactful campaigns. We encourage anyone who feels they can do better to enter the Gran Challenge – in fact, I’m so confident that our AI is unbeatable, I’m prepared to double or even triple the prize.”

To win, challengers must achieve a lower cost per click using their own methods than with Datagran’s tool. To enter, entrants must create and run two concurrent seven-day campaigns with the same criteria: creative/copy URL, platform, targeting and budget. They must run one campaign using their own methods and another using Datagran’s adOptimizer tool. The contest ends on March 26th. Winners may receive prizes including a grand prize of $10,000, a first prize of $5,000 or two second prizes of an iPhone X. To enter, please visit Complete rules can be found here:



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