Bazaarvoice Launches New Solution to Make Personalization More Powerful


Bazaarvoice’s latest innovation delivers highly relevant product recommendations based on unique shopping data

Bazaarvoice, Inc. today announced its latest e-commerce innovation to help brands and retailers deliver personalized shopping experiences for their customers. Effective personalization is essential for brands and retailers to delight and convert shoppers.

Bazaarvoice is making personalization solutions smarter and more powerful with unique shopping data from its network of 5,700 brand and retail websites. Bazaarvoice sees shoppers researching products and engaging with ratings and reviews across its vast network, giving it an unmatched view into what products and categories consumers are in-market to buy. With these insights into shopping behavior, retailers can use an existing or custom-built personalization solution to display highly relevant product recommendations to every shopper.

When trying to personalize the online shopping experience, today’s retailers are blind to customer activity on other brand and retail sites. Bazaarvoice personalization data is based on what consumers are shopping for, which makes it possible to target shoppers with product recommendations based on what they want, not who they are. With the ability to see what one in three consumers are shopping for before they arrive on a retailer’s page, Bazaarvoice helps retailers provide the most relevant product recommendations to drive conversion, average order value and revenue per visitor – even if the shopper has never visited the retailer’s website before.

“As consumer shopping behavior evolves, delivering personalized shopping experiences is top-of-mind for every brand and retailer,” said Gene Austin, CEO of Bazaarvoice. “Today, we’re introducing a compelling product recommendations solution based on our shopping data. We’re excited to continue innovating in this area to add personalization capabilities to visual content, product pages and other applications that will give consumers exceptional shopping experiences time and time again.”

Brand and retail clients can combine Bazaarvoice data with existing data and integrate seamlessly with industry-leading personalization providers including Evergage, Monetate and RichRelevance. Clients can bypass lengthy technical implementation timelines and plug it directly into their existing recommendations engines or implement a custom-built display solution to immediately deliver shopping experiences that convert.

Bazaarvoice’s new personalization solution is currently available to select Bazaarvoice clients in North America.




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