Adobe & oneAudience: Can they help you understand your mobile audience?


Ari Saposh, VP of Data at oneAudience, (pictured left) answers questions about focusing on mobile users to gain a market advantage.

Q: How are Adobe and oneAudience bridging the current gap in marketers’ understanding of their mobile audience?

A: The mobile device has quickly become the most personal, relevant channel in understanding consumers. Unlocking mobile information allows marketers to gain a rich understanding of their customers and/or prospects and the way their unique ways of life. oneAudience prides itself on being mobile-first. The combined power of oneAudience and Adobe Audience Manager enables agencies and brands to layer mobile insights with their customer data to identify the ideal customers for effective campaigns.

Q: Why is it important to marketers that they reach consumers at an individual level?

A: By receiving real mobile insights, advertisers gain access to a greater layer of knowledge about consumers. This way, brands understand what their customers like, how they behave, what they purchase, what their unique interests are and more, allowing them to provide a more personalized marketing experience tailored to them.

Q: How does oneAudience verify data from mobile-first consumers to ensure insights are not collected from bots?

A: We own a software development kit that is embedded within thousands of apps worldwide. This allows us to create deterministic links to real, verified individuals without relying on the guesswork of cookies. With first-party mobile data, we connect with customers directly from the source: their personal mobile device.

Q: Millennials and Gen Zers are the largest groups of consumers using mobile. So, how does oneAudience obtain information from or about other generations?

A: One of the most powerful aspects about mobile is that it’s cross-generational. We are pushing in the market to integrate our SDK across a wide variety of apps, allowing us to expand our collection technology across a broad set of people.

Q: What kind of data sets are available to marketers and what notable brands are currently benefiting from this data?

A: We offer both custom and standard segments that are based on demographics, auto, mobile apps, seasonal trends and more. We work with a strong network of major auto, CPG, financial services and retail brands to provide today’s leading mobile audiences and solutions.



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