Global Content Strategy: This is Going to be Big! A Kaleido Insights Report


Kaleido Insights report, “Global Content Strategy: This is Going to be Big!” by Rebecca Lieb (pictured left) offers a deep look into the challenges and opportunities facing companies as they try to build a global content strategy. 

Enterprises are still in the relatively early stages of integrating content strategy as a discipline, not only into the marketing mix, but also into operations and technology. As a result, they realize content must permeate the entire organization. Multinational companies face a geometrically more complex challenge: scaling content across borders, languages, cultures, and teams. In this report we examine the specific challenges of creating an effective global content marketing strategy as well as best practice recommendations based on numerous interviews as well as strategic content engagements with a variety of multinational organizations.

Multinationals tend to make one of two mistakes with global content strategy. Either authority is consolidated and centralized, leaving little room or ability to culturally or linguistically ‘translate’ content, re-use and re-purpose assets or account for local calendars, regional issues, or even linguistic variations and dialects. Or conversely, content authority and guidance are decentralized. Countries are regions are left to their own devices, often leaving initiatives up to inadequately trained staff who lack tools and expertise, guidance, and access to content and brand assets.

Global content strategy requires both bottom-up and top-down coordination. Regional initiatives inform global authority, and vice versa. This research examines how global content strategy initiatives can achieve that point of balance.

Opportunity: Cost Savings, Scale, and Deeper Market Understanding

In addition to economies of scale across people, processes, and technologies, the untapped opportunity of a truly global content strategy is an extremely granular and rich understanding of customers and markets worldwide. The ability to anticipate needs, wants, affinities and expectations, while also surfacing unique insights, can power better marketing across all channels, devices, and localities. Last, but hardly least, is the fact that a sound global strategy and planning at scale results in significant cost savings and wiser investments.

















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