Fyber Partners with AdColony & Tapjoy to Launch Fyber FairBid–New In-App Header Bidding Technology


Fyber FairBid is first product launched under Fyber’s new branding, following the merging and sunsetting of Inneractive and Heyzap brands

Fyber, a technology company creating solutions for smarter ad monetization, announced the launch of Fyber FairBid, the world’s first and only mechanism to achieve a true state of header bidding for the in-app environment. Fyber has partnered with AdColony and Tapjoy, two of the world’s leading mobile advertising platforms, to launch FairBid’s beta. FairBid is the first product Fyber has launched under its new unified branding and product strategy, bringing together all former acquisitions under one brand.

“FairBid makes no judgement as to which is the better buying mechanism. We understand that many app publishers and buyers of in-app inventory wish to take advantage of the rich creative options SDKs support. The industry needs a solution that eliminates hidden and unfair “first looks” given to some buyers in a waterfall-based auction, and finally brings a state of header bidding – that has been proven successful for desktop – into the in-app environment,” said Offer Yehudai, President at Fyber (pictured top left). “At the end of the day, demand is demand.”

Fyber FairBid levels the playing field between different classes of buyers by eliminating the “waterfall” that exists in most mediation solutions for in-app inventory. Fyber’s proprietary FairBid technology allows mobile in-app publishers to maximize ad monetization by enabling all types of demand to compete in one place, side-by-side in a flat, fair, and transparent auction. It brings together programmatic demand from DSPs, direct campaigns, and SDk-mediated networks all into one, simultaneous auction, letting the highest bid win.

Built on a concept Fyber calls “programmatic mediation”, FairBid is partnering with leading SDK-mediated networks, such as AdColony and Tapjoy, to develop the required capabilities for these SDK-mediated buyers to be able to place bids in real-time, and thus compete simultaneously with real-time DSP buyers for every impression. All impressions are awarded based on price, assuming the buyer meets the publisher’s standards for brand safety.

By promoting unified auctions, FairBid brings transparency and fairness to the ecosystem. For buyers, FairBid offers equal opportunity to acquire the users and impressions they value most, by seeing and being able to place a bid for each and every impression (e.g. no more ‘ranking’ in a waterfall). For publishers, FairBid drives yield by awarding each impression to the qualified buyer willing to pay the highest price for it, regardless of the buying mechanism and with no bias towards any demand source. Additionally, FairBid’s automated auctions means publishers no longer need to spend time manually managing and optimizing the demand waterfall.

“Helping publishers maximize their monetization potential has always been a primary mission at AdColony, and thus we are both very much supportive of Fyber’s header bidding initiative and excited to have our technology work with theirs in this capacity.” said David Pokress, EVP of Global Publishing, Partner and Account Management at AdColony.

“FairBid represents a win-win for mobile publishers and advertisers, as it introduces a more efficient, fair and transparent approach to valuing mobile audiences,” said Paul Longhenry, Tapjoy’s SVP Strategy and Business Development. “Tapjoy fully supports this vision and we’re excited to be one of the first partners to join the initiative.”

A New Tech Order

Fyber, formerly known as The Fyber Group, also announced a new unified brand, the result of successfully merging the strategic acquisitions of Heyzap, Inneractive and Fyber RTB (formerly Falk Realtime), whose brands have now been sunsetted.

“The new Fyber offers unparalleled expertise in mediation, programmatic RTB, audience segmentation and mobile video, allowing us to offer truly unique app monetization solutions to our publisher clients. FairBid is just the first step in realizing the technological value of these mergers. Together we have created a new tech order in a cluttered marketplace” said Mr. Yehudai.

About Fyber

Fyber is a global technology company, developing a next generation monetization platform for mobile publishers. Fyber combines proprietary technologies and expertise in mediation, RTB, video and audience segmentation to create holistic solutions that shape the future of the app economy. Fyber recently fully merged its three previous acquisitions: Heyzap, Inneractive and Fyber RTB (formerly, Falk Realtime) and is now operating under one single brand. Fyber’s monetization SDK is directly integrated into over 10,000 mobile apps and together the Fyber group reaches over 1.2 billion unique monthly users. Fyber has six global offices in San Francisco, New York, London, Berlin, Tel Aviv and Beijing. It is publicly traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol FBEN.



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