32% of Marketers Believe Cookies are Dead in a Year – A “Power of the People” Report by Viant


Viant’s Power of the People report explores how people-based marketing is driving change across the U.S. advertising industry. It is based on a survey of over 250 brand-side digital marketers. The survey and report examines: the challenges concerning cookies for digital advertising; the top reasons marketers invest in digital marketing; what’s limiting the success of their digital marketing; and the adoption of advanced methods of attribution and measurement (e.g. multi-touch attribution).


  • 64% of marketers believe the industry will stop relying on probabilistic data within the next 12 months to two years.

  • The top three factors most limiting the success of digital ad campaigns are audience reach (30%); targeting inaccuracies (27%); and the anonymous nature of ad targeting (26%).

  • 32% of marketers believe the industry will not rely on cookies within the next 12 months, followed closely by those who believe it will take over one year and up to two years (31%).

  • The two most common challenges with relying on probabilistic data in digital advertising are ineffective targeting (49%) and lack of a persistent ID (41%)

  • The survey found that audience reach is both the number one reason for investing in digital marketing and the number one factor limiting the success of digital ad campaigns.

  • On average, marketers surveyed allocated 24% of their digital advertising budget to people-based marketing campaigns in 2017. When asked what percentage of their 2018 marketing budget they expect to allocate to people-based advertising, that number increased to 29%.

    Cookies Are a Relic of the Past: Let Them Eat Cake? Well, Persistent Data.


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