UnsubCentral Introduces Super-Scrubbing Solution to Protect Marketers’ Brand Reputations & Enable People-Based Marketing

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UnsubCentral, a PostUp company, announces its Super Scrubbing service, which allows marketers to compare and scrub multiple lists, prioritize partners, ensure email list data security, maintain opt-out compliances and protect brands from irreparable harm.

This solution enables one-to-one, people-based marketing by preventing different affiliates from sending equivalent email offers to the same consumer. By managing data, the Super Scrubber allows brands and advertisers to market only relevant information, eliminating unnecessary or redundant emails that will annoy or confuse consumers.

“For brands that have multiple affiliate partners, this scrubbing solution is almost mandatory, as consumers do not want to be sent the same offer to the same email address on the same day,” Patrick Asbra, Vice President of Sales at PostUp. “We need to stop over-saturating the market and once this change begins, marketers and brands can focus on how to properly optimize communications to existing clients. No amount of email revenue is worth sacrificing a brand’s protection.”

Ultimately, enterprises must realize that if they have multiple partners, and if each of those partners has email lists in the millions, the odds indicate there will almost certainly be duplicates. For this reason, UnsubCentral offers this service to compare and scrub multiple lists in a seamless process, effortlessly reducing saturation and spend.

About UnsubCentral
UnsubCentral offers solutions for email compliance and opt-out list management. UnsubCentral provides advertisers, agencies, and networks with the necessary tools to comply with the CAN-SPAM Act by allowing them to securely manage opt-out and customer lists across third party partners.