Outlook 2018: Brand Safety & Transparency Are Game Changers for Native Advertising


Last year’s IAB predictions for content marketing and native advertising focused on mobile, native and data as the game changers.  And while this largely holds true for this year, a few new themes have emerged that have changed the tone and outlook for this type of marketing, namely brand safety, transparency and the growing role of AI.  Focus on brand safety, in particular, has forced content marketers to take a second look at content distribution, with an eye toward higher quality, “safer”, contextual placement over reach/scale.  In many ways, this reflects the maturation of content marketing, branded/sponsored content and native advertising in a world where brand safety concerns are looming larger than ever before.

As we begin 2018, some members of the IAB Social Media/Native/Content Committee shared their predictions for content marketing and native advertising which you can read below. By Susan Borst

As you read the predictions, you will see a number of consistent themes which IAB has highlighted in the infographic:


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