The Moneytizer, a Programmatic Advertising Platform for Small and Midsized Companies, Launches in US

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The Moneytizer, a French advertising platform dedicated to optimizing the ad revenues of small- and medium-sized websites, has announced its launch in the US market. The platform currently counts more than 1,000 small- and medium-sized websites across the US as users of its technology; worldwide users of the technology number close to 8,000.

Recognizing the complexity of digital advertising, where inexperienced publishers can get lost in the variety of tools available to maximize revenues, Augustin Ory (pictured top left) created The Moneytizer in 2014 to offer a fresh and innovative solution. Ory, now the company’s Chief Executive Officer, aimed to serve small- and medium-sized websites that do not have the advertising resources of large websites.

The Moneytizer simplifies the programmatic advertising process by providing a free, non-binding, turnkey platform to its publishers. The platform uses a cutting-edge algorithm based on header bidding, putting more than 50 partners into a real-time competition to offer the best CPM revenue for each format.

Augustin Ory is the former CEO of Horyzon Media, sold to the French YellowPages, Pages Jaunes, in 2007. Ory has developed The Moneytizer into one of the world’s fastest-growing startups. The Moneytizer is also an active contributor to the improvement of header bidding technology.

According to Ory, “In three years, The Moneytizer has become a major player in the ad-tech landscape with more than 8,000 subscribers and more than six billion impressions per month throughout the world. Our relationships with advertising and technology partners across the globe allow us to offer worldwide coverage and optimal monetization.”

In conjunction with their US launch, The Moneytizer has opened an office in New York to operate in tandem with its Paris headquarters. The company will continue to increase its international development over the next few months, expanding into a number of other new countries as well. Currently, The Moneytizer’s English, Spanish, French, German and Italian teams service publishers and audiences across the world.

About The Moneytizer
The Moneytizer leverages the most up-to-date header bidding technology to optimize revenues for publishers of any size. The platform’s ease of use and non exclusive format has attracted over 8, 000 users to date. Founded in 2014, the Paris-based company has over 1,000 partners in the US.