Dennis Clerke, new CEO of Ad-Juster, Looks at the Company Today and Tomorrow


This week Dennis Clerke (pictured left) became the new Chief Executive Officer of Ad-Juster (most recently he was president of NetSeer). There is a lot going on at this digital measurement and analytics company with products spanning display, mobile, video, search engine, social media, and rich media advertising.

The company has over 150 brand-name publishers, agencies, brands, ad tech platforms, and ad networks using its product line, including over half of the comScore top 50 publishers by impression volume. Innotech, a Chinese company, acquired Ad-Juster in January 2017 and continues to focus on U.S. and European markets, while helping accelerate Ad-Juster’s roadmap with additional, comprehensive resources.

Its mission is to simplify the complexities of digital advertising and provide actionable insights that allow media and technology companies to generate more revenue.

Q: Ad-Juster automates the aggregation of third-party, ad-server campaign delivery reports. Without it, how much would clients typically spend on these tasks?

A: More than 15 minutes per campaign, per day, per employee pulling ad server reports—that’s 200 hours a month spent managing just the campaign delivery reports! On top of that, they would lose an average of about $150,000 every month from mismanaged pacing and delivery count discrepancies. This is how we know we reconcile close to $10 billion worth of revenue every year. The problem of reconciliation continues to be an issue for everyone in the delivery chain. And our mapping technology, which automatically reconstructs the ad delivery chain, is the only one of its kind. With new funds, we will continue to push this technology wherever we find a relevant need.

Q: What are your first steps as CEO of Ad-Juster?

A: Ad-Juster recently stepped into the buy side of the industry with new tools for full-service DSPs, direct partners, and media buyers. I will be talking with some of the biggest media buyers all across the country, having intensive, face-to-face meetups for comprehensive needs analyses. This will allow us to continue to expand into the buy side to make sure an often overlooked segment receives the support it needs, which will naturally help promote a balanced and productive industry.

We will look specifically to enhancing the value curve for our direct and programmatic reporting tools. Our existing solutions will be complemented by a new set of tools that will allow customers to get the most from their direct and programmatic advertising and buying, supporting a variety of roles that span different departments (e.g. from ad ops to account managers, and from sales to finance, including high-level executives). Our central mapping technology stands strong for both the buy and sell side. Ad-Juster vigilantly maintains and improves its legacy technology; we’re still the only one to offer the type of advanced tag mapping we do, for example. Ad-Juster is excited about continuous improvement of historical achievements while strengthening the core with robust new solutions to help clients remain competitive in a saturated market.

Q: How about the organizational structure?

A: Much of the industry has been built on a DIY approach, but that doesn’t work in our market. That’s why Ad-Juster implemented and maintains a high-touch, hands-on, direct-support approach, helping our clients get greater value and use from our product line. We now have regional teams working directly with our more than 150 clients. Onboarding with other organizations is often something to dread, but we have made it painless and seamless to use our product within the first week.

Q: I am told you plan to expand Ad-Juster’s market. Tell me about the process.

A: Based on the needs and challenges we’ve learned from our clients over the years, we’ve been researching and developing, and will be releasing new optimization and workflow capabilities. Customers will be able to streamline performance, utilizing machine learning and AI. Ad-Juster is transcending just reporting (visualizations/presenting/slicing and dicing data); it extends to analytics with a real story behind them and actual recommendations (also looking into providing customers with automated actions on those recommendations), all with the mission of enabling comprehensive performance optimization. Ad-Juster is also continuing to expand market opportunities in both U.S. and Europe with new analytics and additional capabilities.


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