Videology Saves Advertisers Billions, Blocking Beaucoup Bots; Braavo Capital Closes $70M to Fuel Mobile App Growth; More…


Videology Saves Advertisers Billions of Dollars Using White Ops, Blocking Over 500 Billion Bot Requests in Past Three Years. Blocked Bot Requests on Track to Top 1 Trillion by Q1 2018.

Videology, a software provider for converged TV and video advertising, announced that the company has blocked about 550 billion fraudulent bot requests – and is increasing steadily – through its advertising platform since integrating with White Ops‘ pre-bid prevention in Q1 2015. Videology estimates that delivering ads to those 550 billion bot requests could have resulted in nearly $10 billion in fraudulent ad spend going to organizations perpetrating non-human interactions on advertising placements over the last three years. The company is on track to block nearly a trillion bot requests by early 2018.

This dramatic increase is due in part to increased usage of Videology’s pre-bid bot prevention capabilities by the demand side, as well as the growing adoption by suppliers across their entire video portfolios. Additionally, Videology has seen an increase in private marketplace (PMP) transactions between some of the largest global media agencies, advertisers, and major media companies, who now routinely use pre-bid prevention. In general, PMP relationships match top tier demand partners with top tier suppliers, so the commitment to quality is highly valued.

While the White Ops integration blocks bots on the impression level, cumulative insights collected over time allow Videology to identify and eliminate known sources of high bot traffic, improving the overall quality of media within the platform. As such, Videology saw an average block rate of 17%, since 2015, and this continues to steadily decline month-over-month.

“Three years ago, Videology implemented White Ops for pre-bid fraud prevention in the video advertising ecosystem. This allowed us to take a proactive, definitive stance against fraud early on. It was a bold step, and initially clients did see an impact on both scale and price in comparison to our competitors because it costs more to serve ads to real people on premium inventory. We knew, however, that it had to be done, and advertisers who cared about driving real results appreciated our efforts – and still do,” said Scott Ferber, CEO and Founder, Videology (pictured top left).

“Videology recognized very early on that invalid traffic and bot fraud were particularly rampant in video, where high CPMs and a complex value chain provide a perfect haven for cybercriminals to swarm in. As the first video platform to adopt White Ops, Videology’s brilliant foresight and commitment continues to create a significant impact on their customers. Fighting ad fraud is a ‘long game,’ and the results from Videology show that fraud prevention brings meaningful benefits to the entire ad ecosystem,” said Sandeep Swadia, CEO of White Ops.

Videology’s platform offers real-time non-human activity detection and prevention through a direct integration with White Ops’ pre-bid prevention. The solution can be leveraged on any campaign, on any device, run through the Videology platform. The integration provides Videology platform buyers with the capability to ensure media quality throughout the lifecycle of a campaign, blocking non-human activity while optimizing for a campaign’s key objectives.

About Videology

Videology is a privately-held, venture-backed company, whose investors include Catalyst Investors, Comcast Ventures, NEA, Pinnacle Ventures, and Valhalla Partners. Videology is headquartered in New York, NY, with key offices in Baltimore, Austin, Toronto, London, Madrid, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo and sales teams across North America.

About White Ops

White Ops protects the Internet from automated threats: threats such as ad fraud and account takeovers conducted by malicious bots. The biggest and smartest Internet companies in the world rely on White Ops to detect and prevent automated threats that cause billions in damages annually. The company’s Human Verification technology prevents automated threats by combating their root cause: the malicious software behind bots, ad fraud, and app fraud. Even when bots use sophisticated techniques like exploiting real people’s devices, compromising human identity, or simulating human behavior, White Ops stops these bots with precision and reliability.


Braavo Capital Closes $70M in Financing to Fuel Mobile App Growth & Revolutionize App Financing.

Braavo Capital, an integrated financing platform for mobile app businesses, announced that it has closed on a combined debt and equity financing of over $70 million dollars. The financing was led by Mark 2 Capital, increasing its existing commitment over 10x, and included participation from leading angel investors and family offices from across the fintech and mobile ecosystem.

The money will be used to scale the Company’s financing originations and support the rapid growth of its customer base.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Mark 2 Capital to continue growing our business, and in turn, providing mobile founders across the country with the capital and insights they need to scale their own businesses,” said Mark Loranger, Co-founder of Braavo Capital (pictured above left). “The investment community has been tremendously supportive of Braavo’s unique value proposition of fueling mobile app growth by providing working capital and growth capital solutions to companies at all stages of revenue traction. It helps that the mobile ecosystem is stronger than ever, growing around 30% annually with publishers expecting to earn over $200 billion by 2020.”

How It Works

Braavo Capital provides performance-based funding and insights for mobile growth. Mobile app founders face a variety of funding challenges when trying to build their businesses – whether it’s the constraints of working capital related to long-term receivables cycles or the need invest large portions of their budget in marketing to drive scalable growth. In either case, Braavo Capital can help solve those constraints by using data to understand clients’ needs in real-time and deliver innovative and founder-friendly financing solutions. Funding is delivered in days and requires no extensive due diligence, personal credit checks or personal guarantees from the founders.

Braavo’s technology integrates with a mobile app business’s key data systems, including app store and analytics accounts – to examine metrics like user growth, revenue, marketing performance and engagement. Not only can this data be used to analyze risk and deliver financing, but it also enables Braavo to provide an extra layer of insight to its customers to help them spend more effectively and grow more sustainably.

Over the years, tech founders have been conditioned to believe that the only way to grow and become successful is to raise venture capital. “Venture capital financing is only right for a very small number of companies. It’s time consuming, and the cost is great. We believe mobile businesses are better served by our more nimble financing model,” stated Loranger.

About Braavo Capital

Braavo Capital uses data, integrations and automation to deliver performance-based funding that’s available on demand, eliminating the need for time-consuming fundraising and due diligence. Furthermore, Braavo’s financing products are entirely nondilutive, so entrepreneurs can hang on to their hard-earned equity ownership. Founded in 2015 by a team of serial entrepreneurs, the company is headquartered in New York.
OneSpot Appoints David Brown Chief Strategy Officer And Launches Strategic Services Business For Content Marketers.

OneSpot, the Content Sequencing® platform that powers cross-channel personalization for branded content marketing, announced the appointment of David Brown (pictured left) as Chief Strategy Officer. Brown will lead the company’s new Strategic Services business and head its recently opened New York City office. He will report to OneSpot CEO Steve Sachs.

“David is well-known as an early innovator and trailblazer in content marketing, bringing to OneSpot a wealth of experience working with Fortune 500 brands to establish highly effective strategies around content, with quantifiable approaches across people, processes and platforms,” said Sachs. “Through a holistic technology and services approach — and with David’s leadership — OneSpot will continue to help marketers secure a measurable return on personalization (ROP) through deeper content engagement.”

OneSpot Strategic Services will provide its brand clients with comprehensive strategic services to further their own content programs, from identifying success factors and technology assessments, training and development to customer journey and roadmapping, as well as content strategy and deep content analytics.

“Chief Marketing Officers are bringing content operations in-house but often lack a defined strategy for how they will achieve scale and measure success,” said Brown. “This is where OneSpot can not only give marketers the tools, but also share the knowledge and guidance needed to hone, accelerate and align their content marketing programs with business goals and benchmarks for success.”

Most recently Brown was head of The Content Catalysts, providing content strategy counsel to major brands in the insurance, banking, automotive, media, consumer packaged goods and retail sectors. He was Executive Vice President and Leader at MXM (Meredith Xcelerated Marketing), which Harvard’s Nieman Lab called “the inventor of content marketing.” Before MXM Brown was CEO of Highway One and a Managing Director at OgilvyOne. He holds a B.A., Hons in Politics from Durham University and resides in Darien, CT.

About OneSpot

OneSpot’s automated personalization platform delivers content based on individuals’ interests and engagement with specific pieces of content across all digital channels (web, mobile, email, paid media). OneSpot’s customers, including Nestlé, IBM, Whole Foods Market, L’Oréal and Delta Faucet, now develop best-in-class content strategies, build strong content-based relationships, provide measurable audience and content insights, and drive quantifiable business results. Privately funded and based in Austin, Texas, OneSpot is a Forbes Top 100 Brand Publishing Solution, a three-time AlwaysOn Global 250 Winner and a three-time EContent 100 Winner.

Hitwise: Top Searched Back to School Products.

The back to school season is upon us and parents are snapping up the most popular products and latest technology for their kids. Hitwise, a global marketing intelligence company, recently pulled the data on what parents are shopping for divided by their children’s age; ranging from elementary school to college-bound teens.

Back to School: Elementary Age

Parents of elementary age children (ages 6-11) apparently are seeking high tech items such as iPads for their kids. While online searches for iPad increased 1.2 times year-on-year, parents of elementary school-aged kids were 52% more likely to search for an iPad; meaning they’re 1.5 times more likely than average to conduct a search for the iPad.


Middle/High School-ers

The parents of middle school and high school age kids (ages 12 to 17) had a different set of priorities in their search, looking for items such as the Gucci belt, Net backpacks and Yeezys by Kanye West.

Hot Products for Parents of Middle/High School Age Kids

The one search item that all three categories had in common? Backpacks. Under Armour, JanSport Net and the North Face backpack are all in high demand holding the 1st or 2nd place search in each category.

Methodology: Time frame: 4 weeks ending August 26, 2017 versus 4 weeks ending August 27, 2016.

Hitwise, a division of Connexity, is a leading audience insights tool for hundreds of companies worldwide. Hitwise insights are derived from an online behavioral panel of over 8 million individuals tracked on over 20 million websites across 500 million monthly search queries and from over 100 million in-market shoppers. Qualitative consumer insights are added to the mix based on up to 60,000 attributes then made addressable across 650 million devices. Hitwise provides marketers in all industries with unparalleled insights paired with powerful programmatic technology. As a result, marketers can identify their best audience segments and then activate them, all in one place.