SpotX Announces New Header Bidding Suite Designed Specifically for Video


New Senior Director, Tal Almany (pictured left), to drive solution featuring server-side wrapper and direct integration links via OVPs and app SDKs.

Video ad serving platform SpotX announced a new header bidding suite built specifically for video, featuring a server-side wrapper and an advancement of the company’s shift from tag-based integrations.

The new suite of solutions complement SpotX’s advanced ad serving tools to execute unified auctions in a more effective and efficient manner than header bidding alone. It features a server-side wrapper, empowering media companies with a range of options to maximize the number of demand sources competing for their inventory.

SpotX’s approach offers a variety of benefits over header bidding solutions not specifically built for video, including:

● Video expertise: Our video specialists provide hands-on implementation guidance and activate private and Curated Marketplaces for targeted buys and greater visibility.

● Cross-screen functionality: With over 10 years of video experience, we seamlessly deliver across all screens using server-to-server integrations with buy-side partners.

● Transparency and reporting: Complete publisher transparency into buyer behavior and bid intelligence, with granular reporting metrics and built-in viewability and verification services.

● Advanced OTT delivery: Support for podded ad delivery and dynamic, server-side ad insertion, with competitive separation and frequency management of ads within a pod.

● Unified and flexible transaction options: A unified, ad decisioning process that competes all programmatically-executed demand.

● Demand partners: SpotX has advanced direct integrations with over 65 DSPs.

Driving the unique solution is new hire Tal Almany, an ad tech veteran who joins SpotX as Sr. Director, Advanced Integrations, after nearly five years at OpenX, bringing with him a wealth of header bidding experience. “I’m excited to join SpotX for the launch of a header bidding product and integration type created specifically for the unique needs of video. SpotX’s header bidder wrapper and direct integrations suite provide media owners with the more advanced tools video publishing requires to maximize yield and improve efficiency,” said Almany.

Almany, who will report to SpotX CRO Sean Buckley, is tasked with ownership of SpotX’s header bidding products and will oversee both the product and engineering scope as well as the business direction of the new product.

SpotX also announced a move away from VAST tag-based integrations in favor of more advanced integrations with SpotX’s Platform, via a Direct Integrations Suite comprised of OVP plugins, javascript players, iOS and Android mobile SDKs, and tvOS and other connected TV SDKs. The direct integration initiative, which was introduced last year as a best practice policy, is now rolling out platform-wide across SpotX’s customer base.

SpotX is in the process of launching its solution with over 10 customers, including large magazine publishers, national media groups and premium online media brands.



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