New Mobile Video Ad Format from TabMo: Can It Change User Response?


Reality: People Don’t Like Mobile Video Ads Much. Below is data that shows that–and that’s followed by TabMo’s new video format offering, which TabMo‘s founder, Renaud Biet (pictured left) hopes helps solve the problem. Take a look.

Fact: Google has found that, “when people have a negative brand experience on mobile, they are 62% less likely to purchase from that brand in the future than if they have a positive experience.”

Nielsen Norman Group research into the “MOST HATED ONLINE ADVERTISING TECHNIQUES,” has found that a lot of people hate all ads on mobile–a lot more than they hate them on desktop. In a study this June they reported: “ad dislike…is a number from 1 to 7 (1= strong like, 7 = strong dislike) that directly reflects participants’ ratings. The overall average score for all ads was 5.23. This number shows that respondents aren’t rabid haters of advertising per se. The overall feeling is slight annoyance; but that’s the average. As we’ll see, certain advertising formats irk users much more and do cross into “hatred” territory.

For all the results, click here.

One Possible Solution

Paris-based TabMo, maker of the creative-focused mobile DSP Hawk, has launched new mobile video ad formats for the Opel auto brand, designed to avoid the negative experience of hitting consumers with intrusive, full-screen video.

The two formats, “Impact Video” and “Inside Video,” were developed by TabMo in collaboration with Opel’s media agency Carat, part of the Dentsu Aegis Network Group. Completely user initiated, the new units follow IAB specifications to deliver a positive user experience that is integrated within the content. The ad units ran in-app across Altice Group titles, showcasing Open’s Crossland X SUV model.

Carat & TabMo launch two user-friendly mobile video formats for Opel from TabMo on Vimeo.



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