my6sense Enhances AI Technology in Programmatic Native Platform


With native advertising expected to grow from $18.59 Billion in 2017 to $23.22 Billion in 2018 just in the USA alone – a 20% increase, according to eMarketer – organizations on both the supply and demand side of the digital marketing eco-system are looking for ways to increase ad revenue and raise user engagement levels while respecting the user’s time and experience.

my6sense, a comprehensive white label programmatic native ad platform and exchange, is enhancing its Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, enabling over 100 ad serving and media group clients to improve performance and user experience through better optimization, relevancy and personalization.

“AI technology not only matters in self-driving cars and derivatives trading but also in programmatic native advertising, where our proprietary technology with combined user behavioral collaborative filtering and contextual models deliver greater engagement, more revenue and a better user experience,” says Avinoam Rubinstain, CEO and founder of my6sense (pictured top left).

Specifically, Digital Intuition®, the company’s advanced machine learning algorithms and optimization engine, learns user behaviors (content clicked, time spent, etc.), publisher patterns (trending content, performance patterns, etc.) and context (for targeted and source content) in order to best match the right content to the right users. Through the integration of rules-based criteria like geo-targeting and external data sources, Digital Intuition® is able to offer users content which is both more relevant and more personal, resulting in higher engagement rates for marketers and better revenue for publishers and supply partners.

For example, through my6sense’s personalization, the company was able to increase conversions for a leading brand of diapers. Unlike its traditional campaign targeting to young mothers, the optimization engine detected engaging response from fathers who purchase diapers in the evening on their way home, and seamlessly extended campaign serving to that audience to improve performance.

Beyond the company’s proprietary AI-based optimization technology, my6sense is the only fully programmatic native exchange solution for multi-item native ad units combined with comprehensive organic content recirculation. my6sense’s clients and partners can easily mix recommendation widgets, in-feed, in-ad and any other custom native ad units with any number of ad items and units on a page, knowing that the platform’s powerful AI and exchange technologies will optimize paid ads and organic content for the best performance and user experience.

The my6sense white label programmatic native solution includes a full native exchange working with native Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), such as StackAdapt, built-in direct campaign manager for advertisers and ad-unit & yield manager for publishers. In addition, the company’s solution provides hierarchical business management tools for ad networks and media & publisher groups as well as comprehensive ad quality classifications and control, performance optimization and advanced policy rules. Flexible configurations used by my6sense’s partners include a white labeled native ad network and exchange, owned managed private exchange for group publishers, and cross-network programmatically traded supply and demand.

“my6sense’s AI technology outperforms comparable solutions and the company’s broad range of native ad units and rich functionality proved to fully support our flexible business models and operational needs, while improving content quality and user experience” says Sencan Ozen, Founder and CEO, ReklamStore.

About my6sense
My6sense offers an open programmatic white label native advertising platform for ad networks, media companies, group publishers, DSPs and SSPs. The company’s highly specialized technology combines the best of what is offered by both traditional native and advanced programmatic ecosystems to offer the best of both worlds in one holistic end-to-end solution. As a white label ready-to-implement fully featured solution, my6sense’s flexible model works with any business blueprint, supports all ad units and comes equipped with a suite of tools for full control and customization. Digital Intuition®, the company’s powerful patented optimization algorithm, provides advanced content personalization by optimizing the performance of both organic content and native ads. My6sense’s Cross-Network Exchange offers out of the box scalability by interconnecting media groups and 3rd party demand and supply providers to an open programmatic RTB exchange.



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