The State of IAB’s Ads.txt: Getintent’s Study Shows Few Early Adopters


Getintent has released a new study that digs into the implementation (or lack thereof) of IAB’s Ads.txt over the digital landscape, especially when it comes to publishers adopting it.

To conduct the study, CEO George Levin (pictured left) says, Getintent’s data team scraped through Alexa’s top 1,000 websites, analyzing how many publishers have begun to adopt Ads.txt and what the ramifications of implementation reveal.

Their research concluded that Ads.txt solutions were spotted on only 13 unique web pages out of the top 1,000 publishers on Getintent’s inventory, a shockingly low number – 1.3% in total. Interestingly, only two out of top 10 programmatic publishers — Business Insider and The Washington Post — are on the list of the early adopters.

For the full study click here.


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