plista and Jivox Partner to Launch an AI Powered Native Dynamic Creative Solution; A+E Network Unveils New Brand Campaign: Brave Storytellers

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plista, Xaxis’ data-driven native advertising platform, and Jivox, a personalized digital marketing technology company, announced they are enabling real time creative optimization in programmatic native advertising. Their partnership combines the power of plista’s access to audience data with Jivox’s IQ platform, giving marketers the insights and the technology to deliver highly relevant native ads. According to eMarketer, native digital display ad spending is expected to grow 36% in the U.S. this year, driven by the need for “more engaging, less intrusive ads.”

“plista’s robust data sets and Jivox’s AI-driven personalization technology ensure brands can create relevant ad variations that fit across all digital platforms,” said Diaz Nesamoney, Chairman and CEO at Jivox (pictured top left). “This is setting a standard for the industry and offers all marketers a starting point to serve precise, relevant creative executions to the right person at the right time—all within a premium native context.”

plista’s and Jivox’s new omni-channel native dynamic creative optimization (DCO) solution, consistent with the newly released IAB Dynamic Ad Standard, takes native advertising a step further by leveraging a multitude of data signals – from product preferences and demographics to contextual triggers, such as time of day, day of the week and weather conditions – to create an ad customized for the website the consumer is viewing and the device he or she is using in real time.

“Every marketer today is challenged to engage their audiences in ways that are welcomed. One thing no marketer can afford is delivering messages consumers see as irrelevant. plista’s native formats, as powered by Jivox, allow creatives to identify and meaningfully engage audiences in real time. With our programmatic technology, we enable brands to deliver ads that are relevant, consistent and seamless across channels, formats and devices,” said Elizabeth Harrington, Head of plista North America at Xaxis.

Offered exclusively through plista North America, in-house designers and developers work with advertisers to create high-touch digital creative executions that mix technology, art and motion and draw users into the brand conversation.

About plista

plista is a global platform for data-driven native advertising in premium editorial environments and offers advertisers and publishers direct, single-source access to a broad portfolio of native solutions. With its proprietary real-time Recommendation Technology, plista is able to deliver both content and advertising that matches users’ individual interests – across all channels and devices. plista’s native ad formats stand out through their strong engagement character and enable advertisers to efficiently target audiences along the entire sales funnel. At the same time, thousands of premium publishers are working successfully with plista in order to achieve outstanding content monetization, increased website stickiness and sustainable traffic growth. plista employs over 200 people worldwide and offers its native solutions on four continents. For more information, visit

About Xaxis

Xaxis programmatically connects advertisers to audiences across all addressable channels to deliver measurable outcomes for brands. Through the expert use of proprietary data and advertising technology, along with unparalleled media access, Xaxis delivers scalable media solutions for clients in 47 markets across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. Advertisers working with Xaxis and its specialist companies, Triad Retail Media, Light Reaction and plista, achieve exceptionally high return on advertising spend. For more information, visit


A+E has unveiled ‘Brave Storytellers’, a new brand campaign that leans into its legacy of real and unscripted programming.

• From the award-winning series ‘Intervention’, to the Emmy-award winning ‘Born This Way’, to groundbreaking shows like ‘Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath’, ‘60 Days In’, and ‘Live PD,’ the characteristic that unites A+E ‘s storytelling – and therefore defines the brand – IS BRAVERY

• A+E features the storytellers brave enough to look closer at those stories hiding in the shadows or plain sight of everyday. A+E believes that it’s only by looking closer, that we see. And what we see, more often than not, is hope

• In a world exploding with disposable short form stories, the cultural value of exceptional and brave storytelling has never been higher. A+E has always been and continues to be home to some of the most fearless, factual storytellers and crafts people in the world

• A+E targets The Open Generation: a large, varied audience united by a shared outlook: interested in the world around them and with a low tolerance for bull.

“Brave Storytellers’ is based on a belief that, hiding in the plain sight of everyday life, there are remarkable people and stories all around us,” says A+E Networks CMO, Amanda Hill (pictured top left). “We just have to be brave enough to look, to get closer to the heart of a story, to create authentic moments of truth. It is a brand new campaign that exemplifies A+E ‘s legacy of real and unscripted programming; magnifying defining stories of human endeavor and shining a light on parts of life that audiences really care about.

• The brand campaign was born from the unique vision of A+E Networks’ President and CEO, Nancy Dubuc, who gave the directive that there is a need for brand campaigns, in part for showcasing programming, but more importantly to elevate the brand as a whole. For this reason, Nancy tapped marketing visionary Amanda Hill as the new A+E Networks CMO. Hill has been the driving force behind A+E’s new vision, shaping this innovative approach to the brand and marking a new stage in the industry. Hill tasked leading entertainment and brand creative agency Sunshine with articulating and executing the vision for the network in collaboration with A+E’s internal team.

There are two elements to A+E ’s ‘Brave Storytellers’ campaign:

o A+E will debut ‘Look Closer: Brave Storytellers’ a brand film creative directed by A+E VP of Brand Creative Jonathan Davis who brought on acclaimed photographer and artist Amanda Demme to direct the films featuring A+E stars, Leah Remini, Donnie Wahlberg, Steven Clark, Kevin Lawrence and Elizabeth Smart

o As part of the campaign, A+E will unveil ‘Look Closer: Across America’, a short documentary creative directed in collaboration with leading branding agency Sunshine and co-produced by A+E and Samsung Electronics America. The film is written and narrated by applauded poet IN-Q and celebrates individuals love letters to America, offering a lens into the lives of Americans across the country; this is the first chapter of the series.

– The documentary was filmed in eight cities across America, on the coasts and in the heartland, featuring people of different backgrounds and points of view coming together in a beautiful homage to America.

– To amplify A+E ’s reach beyond their own powerful digital platform and to bring it to new audiences, A+E tapped into the Samsung brand’s leading digital network (54M followers on Facebook alone). Part of the attraction to Samsung, is that Samsung is a brand that has a genuine dialogue with its followers online and thus offers real time feedback on their audiences’ thoughts, ideas and insights.

– To drive high and meaningful engagement with viewers, A+E and Samsung, worked with digital media pioneer, EKO, to produce a custom interactive digital video designed for mobile storytelling. The video features talented singer-songwriter Jhené Aiko as she puts her own creative twist on IN-Q’s poem for ‘Look Closer: Across America’, and offers viewers an exciting new way to engage with both brands. Allowing viewers to choose their path and ‘point of view’ in the film, deciding between Jhené or IN-Q as the narrator and giving a glimpse into the mind of the artist.

In a time when digital spending is being reexamined, EKO’s interactive platform is seeing over 70% of all users react to choices in the programming, with retention rates between 200-300% and 8X the share rate of other videos, creating a strong emotional bond with the viewer and in turn providing valuable audience insights for partners

– To further aid in engaging with audiences digitally, Samsung also brought on the cause-driven media company ATTN: to tap into their highly engaged online community (they have the most engaged community on Facebook with over 5.7M views per video and 2 billion monthly impressions)