4C’s Q2 State of Social Advertising


“The war between Google and Facebook comes down to audience attention,” says Aaron Goldman, 4C CMO (pictured left). “Whoever can hold it the longest across screens will win. As the premier format for long-form attention, the battle lines are drawn around video. Historically YouTube has given Google a leg up but Facebook is gaining ground with the adoption of live video and push into original content and connected television. From an advertising standpoint, both Google and Facebook provide reach extensions for TV advertisers but Facebook’s walled garden anchored in real identity provides more brand safety.”

Takeaways from 4C’s Q2 State of Social Advertising Report

· Service industry drives Twitter’s Q2 growth: Accelerating in Q2, Twitter ad spend on 4C was up 46% QoQ and 35% YoY. Up 597% QoQ, the Service sector increased Twitter spend in Q2. As consumers geared up for summer, Home and Garden invested heavily in Twitter ads with a 386% increase compared to the same period last year.

· Recent political climate drives Facebook’s revenue growth: Growing the most on Facebook over the previous quarter was the Travel sector, which was up 391% QoQ. Additionally, driven by the political climate, Government/Organization spend increased the most compared to last year, up 1,281% YoY.

“If there’s any concern over ad load on Facebook’s core app it’s more than offset by the optimism presented by Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp,” says Goldman. “There’s still plenty of incremental inventory and monetization available for Facebook (and brand marketers) through those platforms.”

· Despite recent stock changes, Snapchat ad spend grows by 101%:
Snapchat followed up the first full quarter following its IPO with a 101% increase in QoQ ad spend on 4C.
Home & Garden brands invested the most in Snap Ads, increasing spend 1,189% QoQ.

· Retailers and travel brands are finding their footing on Instagram: Instagram had an outstanding quarter growing 124% YoY and 28% QoQ, with retail brands investing 656% more in ads YoY. Travel brands leaned into the visually-driven platform for promotion increasing spend 609% QoQ as people searched for summer vacation inspirations.

· Cosmetics, hygiene, legal and finance sectors elevate Pinterest’s growth: Pinterest continues to demonstrate robust growth with ad spend on 4C increasing 52% YoY and 14% QoQ. Cosmetics and Hygiene had the greatest change in spend compared to the previous quarter on Pinterest, up 163% QoQ. Demonstrating the versatility of Promoted Pins, the legal and Financial sector had the greatest change spend compared to Q2 2016, up 1,016% YoY.

· LinkedIn growth largely driven by healthcare sector: LinkedIn ad spend on 4C grew 36% QoQ and 12% YoY. Healthcare brand investments were the biggest driver of the increase in LinkedIn ad spend, as the category increased LinkedIn ad spend on 4C 3,667% YoY and 376% QoQ.




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