Pubgalaxy Premium Launched to Maximize Publishers Earnings


New Advanced Monetization Solution for Publishers Officially Launched: Presenting Pubgalaxy Premium.

PubGalaxy Premium is a managed service offering that is designed to encompass all advertising-related needs of the publishers. A team of experts will be dedicated to tailoring the monetization strategy of each publisher, driving superior performance and sustainably growing their yield. This will allow the publishers to focus their time and resources on creating amazing website content and growing their audience.

“PubGalaxy Premium includes a number of advantages,” says Pressian Karakostov, founder and CEO of PubGalaxy (pictured top left), “such as access to a wide variety of additional revenue streams and monetization tools that can boost publishers’ return by 25%, on average. The solution comes hand-in-hand with full integration and tech support, delivered seamlessly and coordinated through a single point of contact at the company. Furthermore, Premium provides access to industry insights and strategy consulting.”

About PubGalaxy
PubGalaxy is an ad space monetization platform, established back in 2013 to help digital content producers by taking care of their monetization needs. As of Q2 2017,they have over 150 employees and work with 250+ premium publishers. They recently joined the global entrepreneurship network of Endeavor and were named “The Most Dynamic Tech Company” for 2016.


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