People-Based Advertising: The SRAX Guide


The SRAX guide unlocks how to turbo-charge ad targeting strategy through cross-device targeting precision.

SRAX, an advertising technology company providing the tools to automate digital marketers and content owners’ campaigns across digital channels, announced the release of a new guide: People-Based Advertising: How to Get Bigger Results by Targeting the Most Precise Audience.

SRAX’s guide provides the knowledge and information to invest in people-based advertising, which leverages a range of customer and user data to identify and reach people in the advertising ecosystem.

“Connecting with each consumer individually, across devices, platforms and publishers is critically important in today’s digital advertising marketplace,” said SRAX’s CEO and Chairman Christopher Miglino (pictured above). “Our People-Based Advertising guide is designed to inform and inspire brands and agencies to unlock the ultimate level of cross-device targeting precision.”

SRAX’s People-Based Advertising guide covers the following for digital marketers and content owners:

–Why people-based advertising should be part of your strategy

–5 ways people-based advertising will boost your business and your brand

–How people-based advertising with first-party data works

–What you’ll need to turnaround your targeting strategy


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