New Hitwise Data: Prime Biggest Sales Day of the Year for Amazon


Hitwise, a global marketing intelligence company, has fresh data that shows that on Prime Day Amazon won BIG with 9.5 million transactions processed on on Prime Day making it the biggest day of the year ahead of both Cyber Monday and Black Friday.

Amazon processed another 5.2 million transactions the day prior (July 10) when Amazon rolled out Prime Day in the evening hours. Furthermore, accounted for 87% of all online transactions processed by the top 50 retailers on Prime Day when one-in-10 visits to resulted in a purchase.

Despite the fact that Prime Days deals began only in the evening hours of July 10th (9 PM EDT), Hitwise saw huge spikes in visits and the number of transactions for the day. In fact, Hitwise found that visits to rose to 73.8 million on June 10th, up 24% over visit levels observed on Monday July 3rd and 28% over visits observed on Monday July 26th.

More importantly, Amazon saw a 49% increase in the total number of transactions it processed through (not including the mobile app) compared with Monday July 3rd and a 46% increase over Monday June 26th. In total, Hitwise estimates that processed over 5.2 million transactions on Monday the 10th.

“Amazon turned what was normally a research and planning day (the day before Prime Day) into one of the biggest transaction days of the year simply by kicking off sales a few hours early,” says John Fetto, senior analyst at Hitwise (pictured top left).

As for Prime Day itself (July 11th), Hitwise reports that Amazon processed 9.5 million transactions through That’s a significant increase over what Hitwise saw last year when Amazon processed 6.7 million transactions and in 2015 when Amazon processed 5.1 million transactions on Prime Day.

Visits to on Prime Day reached 95.3 million this year, up 54% over visits registered on July 4th and up 65% over visits registered on June 27th. (95,301,139). On Prime Day in 2016, visits to reached 81.6 million meaning this year’s visits were up 17% YoY.

In terms of visits, Prime Day was the second biggest day of the last 12 months for second only to Cyber Monday 2016 when the site had 96.8 million visits. Monday July 10th became the 5th biggest day of the year after Black Friday 2016 with 89.6 million visits and Thanksgiving Day 2016 with 81.7 million visits.

However perhaps the biggest news is that in terms of transaction numbers, Prime Day now holds the top spot ahead of Cyber Monday 2016 when processed 7.5 million transactions and Black Friday 2016 when the site processed 6.3 million transactions. July 10th now ranks as the 5th biggest transaction day after December 19th 2016 (the last Monday before Christmas) when processed 5.7 million transactions.’s conversion rate on Prime Day was 9.96% meaning that approximately one in every 10 visits resulted in a transaction. On Monday July 10th, the conversion rate was 7.09%. By comparison, conversion rates two weeks earlier were 6.08% on Tuesday June 27th and 6.24% on Monday June 26th.

“Heading into the holiday season, it’s hard not to see these numbers and wonder where Amazon stops,” says Mr. Fetto. “Amazon completely shattered its own records with its performance on Prime Day this year and we can only expect that have plans to do the same come November.”

In addition to the visit and transaction stats, below are the most viewed Amazon product pages on Monday 7/10 and Tuesday 7/11 and the rank change from two weeks prior. All of the biggest movers had mega Prime Day deals and some are currently sold out. Many of these deals were featured on blogs and message boards tracking the best Prime Day deals.

“Clearly, Amazon was able to move large volumes of their own products on Prime Day with 8 of the top 20 Prime Day product pages being Amazon products,” says Mr. Fetto. “But Amazon also has the power to propel relatively unknown products, like the Instant Pot, into the spotlight and generate massive sales. Expect many of these top Prime Day products to be hot during the holiday season ahead.”



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