Neuranet Launches Flexitive 2.0 to Help Media Companies Adapt to New IAB Standard Ad Unit Portfolio


The cloud-based responsive design software company announces platform upgrade to help media companies drive growth and adapt quickly following the release of the new global IAB digital advertising guidelines.

Neuranet, the technology company behind responsive design software Flexitive, today announced the next generation of its HTML5 based software, Flexitive 2.0.

The platform upgrade supports more advanced responsive design capabilities for building high quality, animated HTML5 based designs that adapt to unlimited sizes across any device, operating system, app or browser.

Available today, Flexitive 2.0 gives media companies and agencies a distinct advantage in adapting to the new IAB Standard Ad Unit Portfolio specs and guidelines that were released on July 20th. The IAB’s Tech Lab worked with many companies across the digital industry, including Neuranet, for nearly two years on the new ad units., ensuring that they integrate aspect ratio-based flexible ad sizes and also incorporate the LEAN Principles of lightweight, encrypted, AdChoices supported, and non-invasive advertising. The new standards were designed to promote user-friendly digital advertising that can easily scale.

Even aside from issues such as ad blocking, other monetization challenges have been caused by a wider range of screen sizes and resolutions with the rise in smartphone usage. The new IAB Standard Ad Unit Portfolio moves the industry away from commonly used fixed pixel dimensions like 300×60, 300×250, 728×90, to aspect ratio based sizes like 6:1, 1:1, 1×2, etc., that will work more seamlessly with responsively designed sites and apps. The new ad units will also help publishers confront a wide range of current challenges such as improving page load times, viewability, and providing better experiences.

“The new IAB Standard Ad Unit Portfolio will help to significantly improve the future web user experience, while providing more valuable canvases for visual communications that will significantly boost the media industry” said Paul Vincent, CEO of Neuranet (pictured top left). “Few media companies of the future can rely on subscription revenue alone – this is a major opportunity for media companies to rebuild their business model for the coming decades to support high value and quality ad experiences for non-subscribers. Flexitive will help Marketers create these improved experiences for their customers seamlessly.”

Flexitive was built from the ground up over the last three years to solve the design challenges of today, and is already being used by some of the world’s largest brands, agencies and media companies. Flexitive 2.0 will continue to help address the current gap in responsive design capabilities that have arisen due to the proliferation of device screen sizes and resolutions, lifting the capabilities of designers and developers so that they can focus on what they do best.

Highlights of the Flexitive 2.0 Design Cloud:

* Build fully responsive designs fast, based on aspect ratios like 6:1, 1:2 etc. for in-page or 16:9, 9:16 for full-screen sizes, with Flexitive’s easy to use drag and drop interface that requires no coding knowledge.

* Significantly improves production efficiency by allowing a single design to adapt to unlimited sizes. Images components automatically crop and resize to the highest quality for each size (work that most prominently used design tools require designers to do manually to build creative variations in as few as two clicks.

* Export for use in over 30 ad servers including DFP & AdWords.

* Build Rich Media creative by adding video components to creative, and export for use in ad servers like DCS & AOL ONE.



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