Fighting Ad Fraud Effectively: A Forensiq Case Study


Forensiq helped Ubimo, a mobile DSP focused on driving mobile campaign strategies for brand clients, ensure that it was running campaigns in the highest quality of settings, leading to savings across the board on ad spend and providing increased transparency and confidence in campaigns.

Because the topic of fraud has been top-of-mind across the digital advertising ecosystem, increased attention has been placed on mobile ad fraud due to the growth in mobile advertising dollars. To download a copy of the Forensiq Ad Fraud Study, click here


The Ubimo Case Study

Methodology: To meet these goals, Ubimo independently partnered with Forensiq to measure levels of fraud across all of their mobile ad exchange partners, including MoPub Marketplace. The test was set up as a blind analysis, across a randomized sample of traffic on five of Ubimo’s in-app exchange partners over a period of two weeks. The team then used Forensiq’s Quality Rating to compare the overall quality of a given inventory source, based on the Invalid Traffic (IVT) measured within each in-app exchange.

Results: Ubimo was able to validate its own traffic quality on behalf of the campaigns it delivers for its clients. These findings equipped the Ubimo team to begin training their algorithms to optimize bids toward inventory from the highest quality exchange.



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