eMarketer Announces Launch of Benchmarks—a Dashboard for Performance Metrics Across Digital Channels


eMarketer is excited to announce Benchmarks, a new tool that enables marketers to instantly evaluate and compare their campaign performance against a collection of reliable industry benchmarks. The tool provides performance metrics across seven key digital channels: display, email, mobile, retail and ecommerce, search, social media and video, including critical campaign figures such as CPMs, email bounce rates, display impressions and click-through rates.

Establishing effective key performance indicators and measuring campaign effectiveness is increasingly important for brands, agencies, media companies and SMBs alike. But obtaining access to reliable performance metrics is challenging, requiring significant time and resource investments. “Performance metrics are essential for keeping an organization on track, but until now, measuring them with accuracy required looking at dozens of sources,” said Josh Ramer, eMarketer VP product manager (pictured top left).

With the introduction of Benchmarks, eMarketer PRO users can now actively chart, compare and export performance metrics side by side from over 170 data sets, which encompasses more than 1,500 individual performance measurements. “eMarketer Benchmarks combines key performance metrics into a single dashboard, where PRO customers can easily find and compare them to their own campaigns. This product is a great addition to eMarketer’s already powerful platform.” said Ramer.



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