Cedato Launches New Video Tech Stack for Publishers


All-in-one video tech stack empowers publishers with out-of-the-box Video Header Bidding and streamlined video monetization.

Cedato, a company offering a programmatic operating system for video, today announces the launch of its Cedato for Publishers video technology stack. The new platform is designed to give mid-sized publishers a simple way to implement an all in-one programmatic solution for delivering and monetizing video across any screen and content, optimized for viewing experience and business results, on a transparent SaaS model.

“Over the past year, our publisher customer base has multiplied, as many seek to bridge the modern video technology gap to keep up with the cut-throat pace of the industry,” said Ron Dick, CEO of Cedato (pictured top left). “This latest evolution of our platform enables publishers of all sizes to enjoy the benefits of modern programmatic video, without the hassle, while keeping them one step ahead of the curve.”

Cedato’s video tech stack includes all of the building blocks publishers need to run modern video programmatically: a smart and lightweight cross-screen video player capable of delivering video content and ads to any device and placement; a video ad server powered by Cedato’s hybrid video header bidding engine and predictive algorithms that automatically boost engagement and yield; unique outstream video units as well as an open API for creating custom formats; and a self-serve UI for easy management and control. The solution is easy to implement with a single tag.

Contrary to legacy waterfall solutions, Cedato’s video tech stack enables publishers to easily optimize yield from all their demand sources simultaneously in low latency. Cedato’s powerful video header bidding was specifically designed to overcome the unique challenges of programmatic video, and automatically optimizes across direct-sold campaigns, programmatic and tag based sources. Publishers can also access additional demand through the CedatoX private video marketplace, which connects hundreds of media platforms and programmatic advertisers.

A recent epaper released by Cedato offers additional insight to the challenges faced by mid-sized and smaller publishers, and the possible solutions to overcome them.


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