Euclid Analytics & AgilOne Bridge Retail’s Online-Offline Divide; Exponential Taps Offline Location Data via Partnership with Cuebiq; Grapeshot & Vice Media Delivering Innovations in Brand Safety


New Euclid, AgilOne integration empowers retailers, like JOANN Fabric & Craft Stores, to build meaningful relationships across mediums, personalize shopping experiences and influence path to purchase.

Euclid Analytics, a retail analytics and omni-channel engagement company, announced a new integration with AgilOne, an enterprise customer data platform, to bring an enhanced, single view across the customer journey to retail marketers.

For retailers, this integration provides the ability to build meaningful relationships with their shoppers across mediums, personalize the shopping experience, and influence their path to purchase. By integrating Euclid’s dynamic in-store profiles into AgilOne’s customer data and engagement hub, retail marketers can bridge the offline/online divide, delivering consistent, orchestrated personalization across channels.

“Consumers today have less time and more distractions than ever before. It’s increasingly difficult for retailers to break through the noise and offer precisely what shoppers want,” said Brent Franson, CEO of Euclid Analytics (pictured top left). “Our integration with AgilOne helps close that online/offline attribution gap so retailers can better understand customer behavior, more effectively build relationships and market to shoppers, and give them a great experience.”

Although online purchases remain strong, more than 90 percent of smartphone owners visit brick-and-mortar stores at least once a week, and 67 percent shop in store because they like to see, hold and try on products before buying. With an increasingly distracted, mobile-first consumer, the only way to convert shoppers across different channels is through integrated, cross-channel marketing campaigns that build unique and personalized experiences. Together, Euclid and AgilOne build authentic customer relationships that span the digital and physical journey, maximizing customer lifetime value at every touchpoint.

Euclid collects first-party data, with permission, through existing Wi-Fi to power customer acquisition, behavior-driven messaging and attribution efforts, helping to identify individual store shoppers and understand visit behavior. AgilOne uses predictive models to understand customer behavior and real-time APIs to orchestrate personalized engagement across all touchpoints. By leveraging these permission-based, in-store profiles, Euclid enhances AgilOne’s single customer profiles with new, high-intent audience segments complete with behavioral attributes that illuminate in-store behavior regardless of purchase. When these insights are used to build lookalike audiences for social media advertising, for example, retail marketers can effectively expand their reach, acquire new customers, and increase return on ad spend.

JOANN Stores, the nation’s leading fabric and craft retailer, uses Euclid Analytics and AgilOne to increase high-intent, in-store shopper visits. “We were looking for a solution to help us deliver more targeted, relevant messages to customers and to drive increased lift relative to other behavioral advertising,” said Steve Miller, vice president, marketing and business development at JOANN. “Deploying Euclid Analytics along with AgilOne will enable us to launch campaigns retargeting in-store shoppers who have left without purchasing, with personalized emails and display ads. We will now directly attribute in-store visits to specific email and advertising campaigns, pinpointing which marketing efforts are the most effective.”

“A single view of the customer is essential for driving meaningful engagement and more profitable and impactful campaigns across digital and physical channels,” said Omer Artun, CEO of AgilOne (pictured left). “With Euclid and AgilOne, retailers can uncover opportunities for incremental revenue, learn valuable customer insights, such as which customers are high-intent, and increase the relevancy of campaigns across different channels.”

Euclid Analytics is hosting a webinar with AgilOne featuring this new integration and how Joann is benefiting from it on May 17. For more information, check out the registration page here.


Exponential Taps Offline Location Data via Partnership with Cuebiq.

Exponential Interactive, one of the largest digital advertising companies reaching over 700 million users monthly, has partnered with Cuebiq, the largest provider of accurate and precise location data in the U.S. The partnership is twofold. First, it provides advertisers the ability to target users based on their offline and online activities by combining Cuebiq’s offline location-based audience profiles with Exponential’s online interest-based audiences. Second, it allows advertisers to measure campaign effectiveness by using Cuebiq’s attribution capabilities.

“As advertisers constantly work to achieve better accuracy and stay connected with their consumers, it is essential to obtain a complete view of the consumer, based on both the online behaviors,” said Antonio Tomarchio, CEO, Cuebiq (pictured above left). “We are thrilled to work with Exponential to provide advertisers this kind of data and intelligence needed to drive campaigns forward.”

In a recent campaign for a top automotive brand, Exponential used Cuebiq’s Attribution solution to test the effectiveness of Exponential’s proprietary video VDX ad format. The test analyzed footfall and time spent at the dealerships for consumers who were exposed to the ads.

The analysis showed the VDX video advertising units led to a 68% footfall uplift against the unexposed control group, which when compared to the 24% uplift for IAB standard banners, shows how much more effective the VDX units are at driving footfall into store. In addition, 71% of consumers exposed to VDX formats visited a dealer within seven days of seeing the ad and 32% of users spent over 30 minutes at the dealership.

“This partnership enables us to harness a more complete view of consumers, both online and offline. The success of our advertisers’ campaigns, like the one for the auto dealership, speaks for itself and we see only positive gains for our advertisers by partnering with Cuebiq,” said Tim Sleath, VP, product management, Exponential (pictured left). “We look forward to continuing our work together and building our data, which allows us to measure our campaigns more effectively, reach the right audiences and to draw them to physical locations like dealerships and stores.”


Grapeshot and Vice Media Delivering Innovations in Brand Safety.

Grapeshot, a global privately-owned technology company that deploys machine learning to unlock the value from data, announced its collaboration with VICE Media, to roll-out an innovative and customized brand safety solution for VICE’s content, which spans the worlds of culture, food, fashion, music, sports, tech and more. The announcement was made at VICE’s NewFronts presentation in New York.

“Grapeshot is proud to power global premium publishers with context marketing tools. VICE shares our desire to innovate and create in the moment marketing opportunities for brands. We look forward to bringing new products to the market together,” said Daniel Oakins (pictured above left), Global Director, Publishing, Grapeshot.

By tapping Grapeshot for this brand safety solution, VICE is able to give its advertisers the assurance that their brand will not be placed next to any content they do not wish to be associated with.

Additionally, Grapeshot is the only solution capable of delivering VICE a truly global brand safety proposition, detecting more than 100+ different languages to offer unrivaled brand safety capabilities in all territories and in all languages VICE publishes in.

“The global footprint of VICE provides a unique challenge when it comes to creating scalable solutions to address brand safety targeting. This partnership with Grapeshot allows us to deploy across multiple platforms, ingest our international content, and work together to optimize our media transactions to provide an ideal environment,” said Andrew Smith, VP Digital, VICE Media.



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