Bombora Launches Certified Agency Program to Promote Advanced B2B Intent Data Use


Just Media Is First Agency Partner to Meet Platinum Criteria: Delivers Highest Quality Value to Marketers.

Marketers can now ensure that their partners are using business-to-business (B2B) Intent data in the most effective way. Bombora today announced the launch of the Bombora Certified Agency Program, recognizing and supporting agencies that create exceptional client value through the use of Bombora’s global B2B data.

The program is designed to increase the ease and effectiveness of orchestrating Bombora’s data across display, social, native, video, lead gen and Account-Based Marketing (ABM) programs while recognizing agencies that deliver exceptional service through the advanced use of the Bombora data across multiple disciplines.

“Creating and targeting one connected message to prospect accounts and individuals who are most likely to engage is extremely complex,” said Mike Burton, SVP, Data Sales and Co-Founder of Bombora (pictured top left). “This program is all about raising the bar, helping agencies maximize their abilities to leverage intent-based data and drive customer success for their clients.”

Innovative media and marketing services agency Just Media serves as the launch partner for the program, following two years of working directly with Bombora on developing custom solutions for many of its leading technology clients. In doing so, the agency has been instrumental in evolving the potential uses of Bombora data for improving campaign performance, ultimately driving better ROI for its customers.

To earn Bombora certification, agencies must demonstrate expertise across B2B strategy, execution and reporting. Bombora Certified Agencies must have a deep understanding of the B2B buying process and the entire sales, marketing and advertising ecosystem. Once accepted as part of the program, these agencies can access and employ:

· Intent, firmographic and ABM data generated from 1.4 million businesses, 3,500 sites and one billion daily online interactions.

· Bombora’s newest products, including Audience Verification and Custom Audience Segments for B2B media campaigns.

· The highest level of education, training and support.

“Marketers rightly expect positive outcomes from their investments. Consistently achieving those outcomes is more realistic with a cohesive data strategy in place,” said Dick Reed, CEO of Just Media (pictured left). “From early on, we saw the value of knowing which products companies were actively researching and have integrated Bombora’s data into our ad tech platforms so that we can deliver more performance. We are proud to have been the model for the Certified Partner Program and are excited to continue to develop unique data driven solutions for our customers.”

Additional certification requirements include a minimum level of B2B marketing activity with documented results, the ability to apply Intent and firmographic data across multiple B2B marketing activities, and adherence to the highest standards around privacy, security, transparency and data quality.

The program launches amid a period of accelerated market adoption for Bombora. Over the past 12 months, the private and profitable company has launched a direct access Data-as-a-Service platform, completed a direct integration with, established a UK presence and more than doubled key business metrics (revenue, customers, staff). At the same time, Bombora has expanded its data science team and added new talent from Dstillery, SiriusDecisions, Experian, Oracle, and PwC.


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